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May be you should know about the country Bangladesh.I am a Bangladeshi.Bangladesh is a small country.But it has large population.There are many kind of people in our country.People who are live in village called rural people.There are many rural people lives in our country.Rural people has their own culture,food,lifestyle and sports.Most of the rural people are playing their own sports called rural sports.Because of many of them have no idea about traditional sports.Sometimes there are some rural people playing traditional sports but this is very rare.

Let's see the most played Rural Sports of all time 》

Lathi Khela 》

This is the most played rural game of all time.The game is Lathi Khela.There are 6-8 players need to play this game.All players have a bamboo stick in their hand.They stand in a circle.After starting the game they started to fight each others with the bamboo stick.That's why this game is called Lathi Khela.

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Dharibanda 》

This is the another rural game.This game is called Dharibanda.In this game the field is devided in many lines.There are minimum 8 players need to play this game.Players are always try to touch the opposite team players from his own lines.If a player can touch the opposite player from his own line then the game is end and opposite players lose the game.

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Boi Khela 》

This is the another most played rural game.The game is called Boi Khela.This is very similar with wrestling.There are two wrestler participate in this game.They start fighting after the after the referee whistle.They finished their fighting when a player is defeated.So, now you can underestand that why i am saying it is very similar to wrestling.

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Kanamachi 》

This is the another famous rural game.The game is called Kanamachi.In this game there are many players participated.There are a one player whose eyes is obstacle with a piece of cloth.Other players are keep running in the circle.And the blind os busy to find them.If the blind found one players and catched him then the game is end.

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Rumal Chor 》

This is another rural game.The gane is rumal chor.In this game there are many players participated.The players are sitting in the circle.One of the player who is beside the circle with a rumal.After few times the player keep the rumal beside any of the players.If the players can't underestand that there is a rumal beside him then he/she is the rumal chor.

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That's all.There are many rural games in our country.But these are the most played rural game of all time.If you interested to know more about the rural games in our country then let me know in the comment section.I will try to discuss more rural games with you.

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