Hello people who love sports at Scorum have a good day,

We need to be protected by physical contact and social distance in the days when we fight Covid 19.We need a healthy diet to stay in the forum.

I have recently been corona, thank God I got through it a little. But some people and those with chronic diseases have a hard time. Especially the drugs given to those who are in quarantine are more harmful. I want to write you horn effects.

In certain individuals, COVID-19 can influence the lungs, causing pneumonia. In the most serious cases, intense respiratory trouble disorder may create, prompting respiratory disappointment, septic stun or multi-organ disappointment. Complexities related with COVID-19 incorporate sepsis, unusual coagulating, and harm to the heart, kidney, and liver. Strange thickening, explicitly an expansion in prothrombin time, was accounted for in 6% of cases hospitalized for the infection, irregularities in kidney work were seen in 4%. Liver harm, which can be estimated by blood tests, is likewise a typical complexity in extreme cases.

To remain sound, you have to eat a lot of vegetables and natural products, the individuals who are in actual closeness, contact, embrace and talk should avoid one another. Try not to utilize drugs that you don't have the foggiest idea and don't trust.

In order to stay healthy, you need to eat plenty of vegetables and fruits, those who are in physical intimacy, contact, hug and talk should stay away from each other. Do not use drugs that you do not know and do not trust.

You all know that, I wish you all healthy days without extending too much talk.