Croatian defender Vedran Karolka married musician Franka Bartikke. Crusia castle defendants laid the foundation of the next wedding of the World Cup Dear friend, the friend of the favorite teammate was seen as the Croatian captain and the best player of the World Cup in Russia, Luca Rodriguez.

In the city of Corsica, in Croatia, on Saturday, Krrish and Franka got married. Madrid has shared a picture on Instagram, 'Congratulations Mrs. and Mr. Kelukka.'

The World Cup has not been the first XI, but as a replacement player against Iceland, Argentina, Russia, and England, he has shown a great form.

This World Cup was the most memorable for Russia. Because the champion is the biggest possibility of the wine company. But in the final, France was defeated unbeatable against the best XI so far.

 The world-famous title itself gave the Croatian coach itself

Is Russia the biggest surprise of the World Cup? Undoubtedly everyone will say that Croatia is runners-up. The biggest contribution behind this great achievement is the coach Zlatko Delish. In the final, losing 4-2 to France, for the first time, the players were not deprived of the title, but the players and coaches are now the Croissants' eyes. Increasingly, the market rate of Coach Delich market!

Earlier, Croatia won the 2018 World Cup qualifier against Greece in a play-off match, confirming Russia's ticket. The situation of the Croatian football federation was not very good. After the World Cup in Russia, the price of the Deli continues to increase. Japan and Egypt have already been in touch with the national team. It is known that the Premier League is being contacted. Proposals are coming from huge money.

"I do not know whether anyone likes or not, I am the world's second-best coach right now. And as the world's second coach, it's not a big deal of $ 5 million a year. Money is important to everyone. But this is not the first thing to me. I have two more years of contract with Croatia. I can stay with this team for a long time. After the United States visit in March, I will make my decision. '

Turning back to the point of his own dime, but said Delive The way Underground gave the success to a team, the price could increase.