Ahe power is not behind, nor the hero! Potentially not comparable, but the promise is incredible. Croatia has fought with France so much so that the eyes have been kept in eye eyes. The lion's recession. The consolidation of the constitution But in the end, Croatia had to surrender to the destiny.

Fairytale in the World Cup finals is not so full. For the first time, the trophy is not won by the red-handed Hriday in Croatia. Rather than 20 years later France won their second World Cup. In the Luzhoni stadium of Moscow, winning a 4-2 win in the classic double-quadruple, the gold generation kissed the gold trophy.

The World Cup finals have not been like the final for a long time. There was a lot of round the spell. Do not hold since 1990. Serve 1-0 in the West Germany, the last time in the tiebreaker last Brazil Brazil In the final of 98, France won the title with three goals; The next time Brazil scored 2-0. Then in the last three finals, there was no goal in 90 minutes. In 2006, Spain and Germany won the trophy by winning the trophy in Italy and the next two times, winning the trophy for 30 minutes.

Six goals in the French-Croatia final. The final is like the final!

Kroot scrambled to wear the title of this title in Moscow. What did the start of the match did not do! However, in the opposite direction of the game, in the 18th minute the goal of eating That is suicide! France gets free-kick to foil Antwerp Griezmann from 30 yards away from Gollainne Perhaps this French forward is probably the first touch of the match. He took a free-kick on the left, trying to clear it inside the wagon, the ball went on the head of Mario Mandzucichich.

The goal of this game is to cramble-crossover Not so, Luca Modrich, Ivan Périsch, Mario Mandzoucci also jumped into the new venture. Before reaching the threshold of the referee's match, the equalizer scored the thighs half-an-hour. The goal is to train the ground completely. In the second post of the 40-yard distance free-kick to the Moderich Ball. From there, send the ball to the Seam Freasayeko in dangerous areas. The ball goes in front of the ball; He took time. The left foot bullet shot by making a space in a touch. Why is Hugo Lorry not able to stop that, there is no goalkeeper in the world.

But that is not the fate of Croatia, Croatia Penalties got the chance in France by just five minutes of equalizer goals. In the VAR conclusions. Blayes Mataidi's head was not able to fit the Greyjamin's corner. The ball is in the back of the ball. French application

Did penalties The VAr saw the referee. Although his initial decision was 'Clear and Obsessive Error' - it could not be confirmed by replay. France scored in the penalty shootout by scoring a penalty penalty of 2-1.

Three goals in the first half of the World Cup final! This is not seen since 1974. If the first goal of the second half is given by Krayata, then the thrill of the thrill of the match will be more. But how long will they be able to be with this talented French? Paul Pogber passes away from the Kylian Mbabpay, who ran the power of the ball, deflected the defender and faced the goalkeeper. Suvashicha hold his shot. In the 59th minute these two one-on-one shot pagbaara. Although the first one returns, the left-leg placing shot does not have anything to do with the Krotte Goalkeeper. Mbapp's goal scored six minutes later His goal in a strong shot by deflecting Defender from 25 yards away from the body. After the 1958 World Cup victory, the 19-year-old youngster scored the first teenager in the final.

The match ended in the third game of France, and after the fourth goal, there is no talk - when everyone thinks that, then the Kraits have a little hope again. The goal of the French goalkeeper Laurie is to give Mario Mandzukich to his feet, France 4: Croatia 2 21 minutes left to the scheduled time still Incredible, unimaginable, something amazing can do in Croatia?

Could not Despite trying very hard. So, with the last bamboo of the referee, the French bunker fizzled out with joy. And dive into the sea of ​​the poison of Croatia. The stage of fun-painting became the canvas of Luzhoni. The words of the Croatian coach Zlatako Dalyich in the gallery and the soundbox of the soundbox would fly in the middle of the day.