Golden Ball Moderne

The look of Luca Modrich's face with the look of Johann Cruise in keen youth! The Caucasian appearance of the stagnant nose, hair climbs on the forehead. Three European Cup titles were won by Aykes

The look of Luca Modrich's face with the look of Johann Cruise in keen youth! The Caucasian appearance of the stagnant nose, hair climbs on the forehead. Three European Cup titles were won by Sykes What a wonder, Modric so! The next year's World Cup has won three titles for the Aces

 The Netherlands, in the final, did not win the final but the Netherlands of the Cruft did not win. Luca Modric in the World Cup final, with three titles in the Champions League, but Crossover will not win Cruise has not left the country, Modericha may have to sleep on the coffin with a runner-up medal. Because it is difficult for a small country like Croatia to play in the main event of the World Cup from Europe, there are far-reaching titles.

Lionel Messi was born in Barcelona's hometown, transformed by the tragic prince of Dutch football, Cruyff. After the 2014 World Cup finals, when Argentina's losing team Messi was called for the Golden Ball prize, he responded too late. It is heard that Messi did not want to take the award. Modric may also be the crooked prince of Croatia football. FIFA's Technical Study Group Russia chose the best player of the World Cup in Croatia, the midfielder of Croatia. His magic has come to Croatia in the final. Croatia played 7 matches, lost only to the final. Goderich has been the match-fixer in all three of these 7 matches. The team did not win the final. So the legend remained the title.

Golden Ball has won Messi's runner-up team in the last World Cup. According to Messi's initials L and M, with the number of Jersey numbers, many call him Elmton. Luka Modriciche too, his jersey number 10 too! Another 'LMT' was found in the gold sphere, but it was far from the gold bars. He scored two goals in the World Cup, an Assist, played more than 100 minutes in each match, the highest run of 63km in the field, the highest number of trophies in three matches. The former Argentine football player Jorge Valdano, who is in the Guardian, wrote about him, "What Modrich can do is that he alone can. When football goes to his feet, it seems that keeping the ball is the easiest thing in the world. This is not to increase aggressive lows or speed in the whole game, but it is about instinctual clarity, making sense, and explaining the attitude. '

Cruyff did not win the World Cup, Messi did not win, Modericho might not win. Yet football has created a light that touches their feet, so it seems that the game is not the last word. Success can only be measured with the goal, not the sunshine of the industry.

After the pel

As well as two pictures. In 1958, the young faces of Kiliyan Mbabp The next is black-and-white with a surprise match with Brazilian legend Pel! That's a sad face, sweet smile. Much of the face of the face is very similar to the creations of the feet. The 17-year-old Young Pele scored the first teenager in the 1958 World Cup. Then wait 60 years. And no teenager got the goal in the final. After a long time, the same fame EmbaPoopo in Moscow's final yesterday. The difference was that in the '58 finals he had scored two goals. Yesterday I did a maple But throughout the tournament, the whole world has caught the attention of the light.

During the discussion, he won the Golden Ball. It's not because of a warrior named Luca Modrich. The best young man has won the prize. Embarrassed with the ebapkake had already told the excitement. Yesterday I did not forget to say, 'The second teenager Embap scored the goal in the World Cup finals. Welcome to this list. It is good to have a partner after all! '

Argentina was devastated by knockout at the speed of the ambush Did two goals A penalty is earned. After Pele, the second teenaged player made the World Cup googly. Seeing the wonderful young man who did not remain silent when he got sick. He tweeted greetings to him. Argentine legend Diego Maradona, in an interview with Telesur, said, "This boy reminds me of young age Kanizia. She is waiting for a bright future.

Then the opponent kept the Mbappa in a strict marking. Even after that, for the team-mates, there was a scope for his own scent. Olivier Zirad has ruined the lion's share. In the final, he was the player of the Pole Pogabar goal. France's third goal in the match with the ball coming from the attack. The World Cup comes in handy. Mbappey makes sure to not get out of the muffle. Bullet shot taken from outside the box in the 65th minute. There was nothing to do with that shot taken from 25 yards away. Krayat Goalkeeper. Finally, France won the second title of the 4-2 win. Paris is then the city of the festival. False Eiffel Tower was closed!

The strange tradition of the World Cup may have started emerging from the embossing. Only three teenagers played in the final. Three times champion their team! In the 1958 World Cup, Pelé made Brazil the first World Cup. 18-year-old defender of Italy Giuseppe Bargomie played the 1982 World Cup final Italy win to win West Germany title This is the second goal of France's second World Cup, which is also one of the four goals scored by Mbabpeo.

Golden boot knee

Finally, a prize was won by the English captain. He is coming back with a gold boot, not a cup. Gary Lynke won the Golden Boot as the first English player in '86. After this, the Kenyan made that work. There are many questions about the fact that.

Golden Boot won the Hamas Rodriguez in the last World Cup. Coming to the quarter-finals of Colombia's best ever World Cup win, Rodriguez has contributed a lot to the six goals. Although there was a prize of good goals, maybe this Colombian would win. Thomas Müller won the previous one. The German championship was formed in the year 2010. Mylar knew his own castes there. In 2006, Miroslav Kloser was Germany in the semi-finals. Ronaldo won the World Cup in 2002. Can not match Cain with these celebrities. He is bringing back memories of Oleg Seneca. The Russian won gold in the 1994 World Cup jointly with Resto Stokhkov. Stoyanov has played in Bulgaria quarter-finals but Russia is excluded from the group stage. Sanko has six goals in the group stage. In a match against Cameron, he sent the ball five times in the net. This year, Keane scored five goals in his six rounds against Tunisia and Panama in the group stage. Three of the six goals again from the penalty, a tap-in, ahead. The only goal that has been the contribution of Open Play to Tatoo is the question. Ruben lofts-chic strong shot box, standing in the neck of Keane's feet, jumps into the net. Goal England captain finished the hat-trick with a 6-1 win over Panama The previous two are from the penalty. In the first match, he scored two goals against Tunisia in his set piece. After Ashley returned John Stones head goalkeeper in the corner of Yang, he sent the return ball to the net and forwarded the team first. In the extra match, his second goal in the head from the corner. Not directly head. Headed by Harry Maguire, Headley posted the post and sent it to the net.

Then, the only goal in the knock-out phase was his penalty against Colombian. Cristiano Ronaldo and Romelu Lukaku were fighting to win gold shoes with him from the beginning of the knockout stage. Ronaldo lost Portugal 2-1 to Uruguay in the second round, Ronaldo could not take the scoresheet in the match. Pikachu was chasing him for the third-place match. He did not score a lot against Japan and Brazil, but in the last match facing Keane, he was slow. Cain is duller. His worst performance in the semifinal against Croatia was the worst in England. That's the end of their World Cup dreaming to return home At the end of the score, Kylian Embase and Antuwan Grizzaman had to be hatched in the final to reach Kenan. That's why the gold boots in Keane's hands

There is no question of such achievements by the English strikers in the eyes of the club record. He is the highest scorer in the last three seasons of the Premier League, twice. 41 goals in the last season also. FIFA