Cristiano Ronaldo has put his hands on a teen's shoulder in the picture. The teenager then trains Train Childrens Train Children in Valdevas, a muffler town in Madrid's city of Madrid. Ronaldo came to the invitation of French legend Zinedine Zidane.

Whenever he entered the club in the teenage town, no one had dreamed about him. No man in the world knew about him, that no man could say that in such a way so talented.

When the invitation was invited to the club, there was a lot of celebration of all human beings from all human beings, Ronaldo was getting very upset by a teenager. So that the world has conquered. The world will win because he was wishing to take pictures with a man who was looking to meet him so beautifully that he could not express his words.

After inviting Ronaldo there, everyone was taking pictures, while showing the 'V' sign in shy face to get the opportunity to take photographs there. And now Ronaldo made a wonderful comment about the teenager. The 13-year-old teenager named Kylian Mbabpe Today, the owner of the World Cup trophy, the man who did not dream about, is the World Cup holder

Ronaldo now says that he (Abba) is meritorious. His talent grew very fast. At a very short time, he accomplished impossible.

When he spoke, he started to work much more love and self-confidence in this world, he was able to see the evidence in this World Cup when he was more interested in it, he started playing with his experience through which he is now the owner of the World Cup

Strong strength is the confidence in this year's World Cup, one of the most discussed players, Abba The team also helped win the World Cup as well as the team. Own more for yourself and your team. Your will is your own knowledge player's career. He has done everything in his game.

Now we know some of the details about him that he could not do with Messi and Ronaldo

  • Kylian Embep has completed half of the goals before reaching 20 years.

But Messi and Ronaldo could not reach 20 in his age. Whether it is big enough to give such a large amount of money at a young age can not be denied in any way

  • The 55 club has scored the goal of the senior club and the ambobes for the country.
  • Last season, Monaco scored 27 goals in the middle.
  • Next time, in the PSG, the ball was sent 21 times in the mishap.
  • 48 goals in the club.
  • He made the remaining 8 goals for the country.
  • Four goals in the World Cup in Russia.

There is a lot of money in his survey. We still did not talk about him in the whole world. Now when we see him in the fifa world cup Russia, we have started with him. There are so many things to do with him, the creditor whose type of game is actually a Introducing the professional player, we hope to move forward in the future, their game style and willpower will grow much more

It is a great news that when Amobap is praising the whole world

More Car Milo Mela is the surprise story of the two stars' rise in the two countries. There are many similarities between the world and all the world's football lovers

60 years ago at the age of 17, Pelé made Brazil champions in the World Cup final with two goals against Sweden. We all know more about that than seven years ago, the World Cup celebrated the World Cup with two goals in front of Brazil, as we celebrate the World Cup.

On Sunday (July 15th), Kylian Mbabpe of France scored a goal against Croatia in the World Cup final. Pelé made six goals in the first World Cup. In the meanwhile, four goals in the Embezzar

Football lovers have already started comparing Pelé with Embaaps. The football emperor in the inaugural World Cup or the newest star in France was more dangerous, the discussion on the issue was noteworthy. And he gave the discussion a lot more. Abba is praising the Ambappe With it gave a gentle threat

Such love is a great World Cup when the World Cup football lovers do not give them, there will be a lot of things when there is no word about a good player on the bus