The story goes a bit like this...

I had a friend over on Steem(it) that came to Scorum, which always makes me think of a male body part whenever I see it in type by the way, but that is a story for another day and site.

Anywho, this friend of mine came to Scorum when it was brand spanking new. He must have really loved it because he was never seen again by me which still makes me sad. We wrote great stories together.

No, not my house but I know people that would love to live there.

Life went on as it does. I'm not a gambler, or a sports fan except for The Wisconsin Green Bay Packers American football team, who did not do well this year (please bow your head in prayer), I really didn't see how I would fit in here on Scorum.

Little did I know..

One day I was asked to play Poker at Lucksaks Poker League.

Hmmm...and I laughed.

I don't know a thing about Poker. Never wanted to learn.

I have always been just fine being the one to get the drinks for everyone while they played cards. Bartending has always been fun for me. I think it's the 'no commitment' aspect of bartending I love the most.

So then why AM I here you might be wondering? The answer is simple, in a long winding way. My friends play Poker. They think I should play. They think I would be good at it if I just try.

Little do they know it doesn't make any sense to me. I'm also not holding out high hopes that it ever will be. For my friends, I will keep trying to learn the unlearnable. I will continue to fill in a seat so the games can begin!!! It's what you do for friends!