The most fascinating thing with peer-to-peer digital money is that it opens up the ability for any person to do digital trade with billions of other humans on Earth. Something that never was possible with Fiat money. Digital Tokens are permission-less systems. No need to ask a State for permission to do digital economic trade with anyone on planet Earth. People’s idea of a currency and what it is will surely change in the future. Currently majority of people look at a Digital Token’s value relative to how much Fiat people are willing to pay for it. But in the future we will not measure it towards the Fiat currency. As nobody will use Fiat money anymore.

So many times when people talk about a “Crypto crash” nothing has really happened. People forget that nobody will use Fiat money in the future. So that price that we see has no relevance. Fiat is 100x less powerful compared to Crypto. As it’s slower and super limited and centralised. It has no good use. Other things people tend to forget is that as you make money digital it becomes abundant. There is literally no limit how much money we can create. Trillions if we want. So there is enough to go around for everyone.

Another thing that also will happen is “Token ownership” will also be a thing of the past soon. As when you make accessibility super fast. There is no need to “Own” anything. As cost of living goes down as well there will even be less of a need to “Own” anything. Tokens will move around. The faster it flows in the system the better. Token’s that sit still is an opportunity cost. The more Tokens flows in the system the higher the value the Token will have. That will say nobody will eventually have Tokens that sit still. That is my theory.

Speed is above both Money and Digital Tokens. Once you have Speed + Communication + Accessibility you have all that you need. Value is then being stored in the cloud with Trust + Relationships + Love, it will not be something physical that you can see. It will be the safest way to store value. In other people. That will say there is nothing a person own’s here. This is where I see things going.