The " Top 12" gymnastics competition in France took place over the last couple of days, with the female team from Avoine-Beaumont Gymnastique bringing home its 4th consecutive gold medal.

"Top 12" can be considered the French national gymnastics championships for teams.

During the competition, Kaliya Nemour performed the most difficult uneven bars routine that has been done in an official competition in 2023, so far, with an unmatched 6.8 difficulty score (D-score). Taking into account that the hardest routines we have seen this year are in the 6.4 to 6.5 range, a 6.8 is something nobody has done since the last Olympic Games. The closest D-score to Nemour's is Wei Xiaoyuan's 6.6 at the 2022 world gymnastics championships.

You can see a breakdown of Kaylia's routine in the video, where you will see that the key is not only the very hard skills she does, but it is connecting all of those skills to get a large bonus added to her score. Kaylia truly puts the artistic touch back into a sport that is called artistic gymnastics.