Is a massive game on steem blockchain where its free to play and one is rewarded with steem currency daily as a daily rewards as per their drug production and investment. More than 12000 player have had joined the game in their Early Access and posses Early Access Reward from Steemit Board itself.


Is a game inspired from DRUGWARS that one have played 20 years ago but is introduced to Steem Blockchain in complete new features. It has massive involvement of steemit users as well as many of them have invested lot of pennies to be benefited . Drugwars has proved the whole blockchain community can build to the next level. Its free to play or you can invest some steem to buy resources.

Its like building your own empire. Generally, PLAYERS can upgrade their resources, invest on heist which is paid out with the daily rewards or try to steal the DRUGS of your opponents by bunch of trained armies. The defence is part of the game too as many opponents are sneaking to your account too.

The game would be the whole new experience and the best part is you would be part of passive earning through just playing game. The daily awarded steem would be a pleasure.