The bells rang to loud that I had to jump up from my sleeping bed, got prepared, wore my red cloth attire and Christmas cap with coloured lights around it. Minutes later, I was already riding downtown on my sleigh to deliver the Christmas presents. It was an empty street with no human at sight. It felt like everywhere was ghosted. However, the streets were covered with balloons, placards, Christmas tree everywhere while the bells jingled at a slow pace. Something is really missing, I said to myself. A placard that had season's greetings written on it changed to season's screaming.

Could this be Halloween on Christmas morning? I asked myself. Damn. I hate Halloween, I cried😭. I took courage and decided to pass the Christmas present to every doorstep and the unexpected occurred. The tree lights went off and everywhere went dark. Just then I could feel a hand on my shoulder from behind. Could this be it?????

The windows of every home creaked open slowly. My fright heightened as I know nothing of what comes next. I could hear little whispers from the houses. While I was about to turn and see the hand on my shoulder, booooooooom!!!!! the lights came back on with screams of Merry Christmas all over. The tension was relaxed then I looked behind me just to find me holding myself on the shoulder.