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I've been wondering for quite some time now, why don't I really understand the game Cricket, Rugby, Baseball and more but to mention a few....Maybe its because the aforementioned games are not well known and participated in where I base. Technically, soccer is the the most participated sport followed by others which includes basketball, volleyball, handball, ping pong, lawn tennis etc.

I feel so perturbed when I watch most of the game I don't understand on Blitzsports, Supersports or even when I see them on cover pages in magazines and newspapers. I feel like trowing myself to the ground in tears when I see/hear people putting up talks about these sports. Basically, I'm a sports enthusiast and I try as much to learn the ins and outs, rules and regulations of the games but unfortunately for me, I don't just get them. Its either I know them that same day I learnt them and forget it the rest of my days or I don't learn them at all. Trust me, its quite hectic coercively engaging yourself through those pressures.

I've actually taken measures to see if there could be a way to understand them but I realized its either I'm just too dumb for that sport or nature doesn't want so. I downloaded series of cricket android games and that of baseball too to play with. My major disadvantage is differentiating "this" from "that". All I know is someone throws a ball, and the other defends it by hitting the ball high and far. The next thing, you see players chasing the ball like a nitro boosted engine while the other party runs to and fro like whose been chased by a frog. You'll see umpires shouting.... Argh!!! Making signals with their hands. Pheeeww!!! All I do is just sit and watch in my noble and confused condition.

Rugby...???? I still ponder every now and then, having my spirit pace through the wondrous lost space. How can such sports exist????? Though there's and atom of likeness in me about the game. I love seeing hefty and bodily built men take on each other just like Gladiators. Nevertheless, I can never imagine myself in the situation of having numerous men weighing about 105kg jump on me. "Hey man, you can just take the ball nice and cool .There should be no need for funny If any rugby player should have such a contact with me, I'll definitely shit my pant. I don't know if I can stand such brutality but I enjoy was ching them do it to themselves.

Well, not growing up around these mystifying sports shouldn't keep me from knowing few things about them. All I've got to do is search online.






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