This question is a really important question for sportsmen and even does planning to do sport or having a sporting career or life.

Obviously, food is good and it is really important to eat, but the most important thing is that some foods are not advisable in some professions, take for instance a full time “work from home“ person can decide to eat whatever he or she likes at anytime he desires but a sport person be it a footballer, tennis player, badminton player and so on, it is not advisable to do such, no that eating any kind of food is bad, but eating any kind of food as a sportsman could really have a negative effect.

Moreso, people could find junk related foods lovely and even soft drinks and foods that contains a lot of sugar their choice, but as sport person this types of foods affect the body a lot negatively and it would definitely have negative effect on one’s sporting life, that is why it not all that advisable for a sport person to engage in all sorts of varieties of foods.

As important as feeding is, as we all know, having a balanced body shape and stomach is really important for a sportsman which indicates that he would have to eat less for him to keep and maintain that good body shape which is required for his sporting life and as such eat less, and stay healthy should be their top priority.

Also eating a food that takes a lot hours to digest is not all that good for a sport person, because he spends most of his time on the field or track training or carrying out other sports activities, but if he should take a food that digest slower, it would really affect his various activities because he would suffers from indigestion, and possibly stomach upset, so it is really important and required that for us being into sport that are certain foods we need to reduce or stop their intake.