Time New Bank (TNB) project started as erc-20 Ethereum token at the end of 2017 year. Project is calling itself "Nasdaq of time" because with help of those tokens you can buy celebrity seconds and trade it or participate in event which that celebrity will organize. MiaoApp is one of the applications available on Android and Iphone where you can trade TNB for celebrity seconds. So far listed are ex football stars Maldini and Didier Drogba, one block chain investor Lao Mao and one singer from Korea Kim. Drogba is newest celebrity who will have two events and what is interesting in him is that his seconds move higher and higher in value.

MIaoApp is just first application which will utilize this token. Time New Bank has already 10 partnerships with a lot of other organizations like Dgames,Dew tv, Soiree black dress etc... All those partners will build their own apps and will make higher demand for TNB tokens which should make price go up once market come out of bear hands. Now token is very cheap bellow 0.01 US$.

So if you want to do some trading or to participate in Drogba's events you can do it with TNB and MiaoApp.