Waterpolo is one very popular sport in Serbia. My country earned a lot of medals from World and European championships in this sport. Main backbone of national squad were always players from Waterpolo club Partizan Belgrade. With recent difficulties with authorities who are trying hard to remove them from pool this successful club and winner of 7 European cups this club failed to reach final. Final was between Waterpolo Club Sabac from city with same name and Red Star Belgrade. Sabac managed to win the game with 10:9 and they are new champions of Serbia. Last goal 15 seconds before the end was scored by Rogac and soon all stuff was in swimming pool to celebrate!

However there was dark side of the game. You probably heard about hooliganism and hooligans, but I am sure no one from us expect them to show on sport like Waterpolo where peaceful people, mainly families or friends of players are watching. Even lower number of us expected that hooligans will came to game without tickets against will of organizer of game and all of that with help of police! LoL Yes you read that good with help of police. Police brought Red Star hooligans without tickets in swimming pool against will of organizer, let them have big sticks for flags and soon after they attacked rest of crowd. Two man got hurt. It is even more bizarre that police told to attacked people that they will not give statement in police before Saturday. Oh what a state, what a police!