Reflection is a funny thing. In a mirror we see every detail reflected exactly as it appears before it. No modifications or filters. However trying to see a reflection of who we are and how people see us is tricky. We can only guess. One of the hardest lessons I have had to learn is to value myself vs putting weight in how others value me. As I've grown not only on this platform and in the cryprosphere and gaming world, I feel as if I have a long reaching effect on others. Helping them and shaping them to be the best they can be. And smack down a few bad apples along the way. An impact that extends past scorum hence why I'm not tagging this as Scorum.

Recently a pair of alternate accounts have been spamming users like myself for being "mean" or "hypocritical". I'm not irritated anymore just confused. I try to carry myself honestly and not push myself on others unprovoked. Only when I see abuse or low effort posts from users. I know I've made tons of enemies on this playground because I won't let them bully others off the swingsets. Maybe I'm mistaken. Maybe by being the bully of bullies I myself have become the bad guy? I do not know.

This platform can change things. Crypto can change things like sports have done for centuries.

I am bringing things to Scorum. Interviews, games and even sponsored events. A few of those I wanted to wait until it happens to share, big things are coming!


I want genuine opinions on me and my work so far on Scorum. Am I doing great or can I improve my visibility to how I am helping?

Let me know! And keep scoring.