For those of you that may have remembered, there was a sports hating douche named Orca aka weirdo streamer phone-if who I caught posing as a fitness model. Real class act.

He fell back into the shadows and has grown quiet. Too quiet.

Sure enough like a pile of dog shit I stepped in his next scam.

Meet Nova. An apparent new user to the platform.

He posts on random topics with no personal analysis I felt compelling. Just hard facts and news. Did some digging and fell deeper into the rabbit hole.

The same user kept upvoting him first even though they didn't follow him.

And would give his generic comments on his posts full upvotes.

Brilliant coverage really.

Zoomed in to see who voted on it. The same cluster of accounts. Why would this esports account which has only posted about nfl two weeks ago upvote any and all comments by Nova?

Who is sportsbyte?

Mother freaking scum of scorum Orca. The same guy that STOLE the fitness model's likeness and pretended to be her. And had the balls to get curation on her post and not say a damn thing when I called him out on it. He knew to change the name of his account but could not change the handle. Like the mark of cain, he cannot hide that stain. For a user that preached how this platform was doomed to fail and whined that he was smarter than us sports fan. He sure has a habit of being caught. Don't mind me just the guy with a Bachelor's degree. I can read him like a book. And the words are not pretty.

throwback to when he stole danielle's pictures

Friends, Romans, Countrymen. How about we add a little icy hot to this circlejerk and make it hurt when he plays with himself?

My flags can wipe out these posts but I need you. Can you help me break the machine?

How many more times will I catch him doing the dirty in our reward pool before we finally call his mom to come get him?


Step up! So I can focus on the next form of abuse and know it will get taken care of!

Spoiler alert. Spinners will get spun.