We all love sports in general but that does not mean that we all practice sports. no no no. There are players but also the part that happens in the stands or behind the television are surely more sensational than on a field.

What to drink? Number one! Water...and Beer for sure!

I put Beer in number one because sometime we only focus on drink instead on food and also It is very rare to see friends attending a party without drinking. Congratulations if you are one.

  1. Craft beer are the best! Do you know? A craft beer is nothing without its craft brewer

A craft beer is a beer brewed by a brewer called craft brewer. Despite what one might think, it depends exclusively on its brewer: every beer brewed by a craft brewer is a craft beer. In the United States, not all brewers are craft brewers because it is a regulated status. The craft brewer has been legally defined by the Brewers Association as a brewer with a brewery that meets 3 specific rules

a. Small size:

It must have an annual production of less than or equal to 6 million barrels of beer, or 700 million liters.

b. Independent:

Less than 25% of the brewery must be owned or controlled by a liquor business that is not itself a craft brewer.

c. Traditional:

The majority of the liquor produced by the establishment must be beer brewed from traditional raw material. Flavored malt beverages are not considered to be beer: the flavors are not tolerated.

   2. FOOD! Chips, Chicken, Pizza, Burger!

We have many choices but the one that comes back most often is the chicken with its spicy sauce. There are also pizzas, french fries and the famous burger!

What kind of fast food do you have from your country?

From TAHITI, in French Polynesia, we like to turn Uru into chips. Below you can see the URU tree also called breadfruit. 

Chips of URU. MIAM!

We pre-cook and then cook in the oil to get the "Chips of uru".

Thanks for reading!