Gotta make friends when you're out at sea.

What's up Scorum, my name's Sol, and I'm a boxing and BMX fan (&rider).

I'm a British girl living in sunny, sunny Portugal, and I've not long got back to land after six months of dragging a big old net off of the coast of Northern Australia looking for red-shelled, bug-eyed, bottom-feeding gold: Tiger Prawns.

I had a peaceful time out there; I was disconnected from any form of media, and so I passed most of my days dodging angry sharks (true story), throwing big rays back overboard (another true story) and pretty much just staring at clouds wondering what it is that seagulls think about (yet another true story).

However, all good and life-endangering things come to an end, and now I'm back on land with a whole load of boxing to catch up on and write about - hopefully some of which you read, and even more hopefully: you enjoy.

I'm looking forward to researching and the writing that'll follow, so look out for content and you'll hear from me soon!

Sol x