According to Chinese medicine experts, oranges have many beneficial effects on health. There are organs where everyone eats away but just appropriate treatment, not only can prevent cardiovascular disease, but also can help sputum, reduce fat, constipation.

Here are three parts after eating orange absolutely should not throw:

1. Orange seed

Orange beans are always thrown away like garbage, but in fact, they have analgesic effect, improve belching, back pain and blood circulation. However, before using orange seeds, it is necessary to wash and dry, then roasted orange seeds on a small fire. Finally mash the powder and put it into a sealed container. Every day, you can mix 3 - 5 gr of orange powder with water and drink after each meal.

Orange seeds also have beauty effects. Take 2 tablespoons of puree orange and mix the filtered water into thick paste. Used for facial mask or acne treatment. Each week should cover 2 times will result in the same.

2. Fibers of oranges

Doctors say that the white fiber outside of the orange box is called "peanut", which reduces sputum and promotes blood circulation, not just food for chronic patients. like chronic bronchitis or coronary heart disease. In cases of chronic chest pain, coughing orange has a therapeutic effect.

3. orange shell

Long ago in traditional Chinese medicine, orange peel is like a good medicine for stomach, sputum, vomiting and reduce chest feeling effectively. Therefore, people tend to hand over "remedies" from orange peels for treatment. The most common is after eating orange, we take orange peels soaked in hot water or cooked to drink. However, chinese medicine advises against using fresh orange peels because they have many impurities and it is recommended to use dried or treated orange peels.

A dry orange crown contains a substance that dilates the coronary arteries to help prevent congestion. Mix a little dry orange peel in boiling water to make tea. This type of tea is fragrant, stimulates appetite and creates more energy, it also has the effect of curing constipation.

Soak 50 grams of dried orange peel in 500 grams of white wine a week, taking 5 grams a day to help treat chronic diarrhea. In addition, the orange peel dried, then put on the scented bag, hanging in the bedroom, kitchen or wardrobe. This way not only stimulates good sleep, but also works to repel mosquitoes, clean the air.

You can grind dry orange peels. Apply this powder on the face every day. When the powder is dry, wash the face with warm water. This is the best treatment for whitening and smoothening.

Or can use fresh orange peel to nourish the skin. Just peel the orange peel into small pieces, incubate in a thin cloth and roll to the rough skin on the body such as hands, legs, knees ... Then the essential oil in the orange peel will absorb into the deep inside, giving the skin a soft, smooth finish and a more intense stretch. This is one of the effects of oranges that few people know.

But Chinese medicine still recommends using the orange peel that has been dried for a year. Be sure to check for mold appearing on this medicinal product.