The government of the Russian Federation has adopted another scandalous bill. In particular, a decision was made to introduce a Fan ID. That is, the so-called "Fan ID". This decision was made after several skirmishes between fans of different clubs. In addition, there are individuals who behave inappropriately.

Thus, in order to avoid riots in the stadiums, the government decided to introduce fan IDs. They want to control the behavior of everyone who enters the stadium.

Positive aspects

On the one hand, it turns out that all the fans will be included in a certain database. They will be able to buy tickets, choose sectors and places. In turn, law enforcement will know who is in the stadium and will be able to control everyone.

Negative aspects

There are a lot of fans who rarely come to the stadiums. For the sake of one or two meetings, no one will issue a fan passport. In this case, it is easier for people not to go to the stadium. They can watch the broadcast on TV or via the Internet.

Violation of the rights and freedoms of citizens of the Russian Federation. Recently, human rights and freedoms have been violated at every step. People are forced to do things against their will. It's time for sports. The government seeks to strengthen control over every citizen in all areas of his life. Why can't ordinary fans or sports fans come to the stadium without a fan ID?

Fans' opinion

Fans of all RPL clubs expressed their opinion. They declare that they are ready to watch football in bars, cafes and other establishments. They can cheer for their guys even on TV. Fans have declared a boycott. Now they are ready to go all the way.

If they carry out their threats and do not come to the stadiums, then the teams will be left without support. The stands will be empty. Stadium owners will suffer enormous losses. So who benefits from introducing fan IDs? Fans urge the government to make only informed decisions.