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Metaverse is on the rise. The NFT market has cooled down a lot as investors are calm and to watch what the crypto universe will evolve to become. The market resumed being volatile due to strong dollar pressure and $1T infrastructure bill approval.

Metaverse + NFT

There are many speculations around the combination of these two. The idea is that Metaverse needs NFTs to create its own marketplace and boost its valuation. It attracts more users to live in Metaverse and be able to accumulate assets as the physical world does.

Virtual living

Metaverse creates an alternative living for users to share and interact with. It is your second identity and your second life to live without any physical barrier.

The second source of income

It gives people another alternative income resource to earn from. The virtual world expands the opportunity to earn and to create a second chance to re-live your life to do whatever you want to do.

Gaming culture

Metaverse is born from the gaming culture. Many early adopters are gamers who live their life playing video games and hope to earn from their playing experience. It was portrayed as a nerd or loser in the past until the rise of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It becomes a more mainstream idea on how to achieve alternative goals without suffering your soul in the physical world.

Concerns on Metaverse

Of course, there is no certainty on how Metaverse can surely bring you joy and a safe place to complete your second life. There are many other concerns about private and virtual surveillance around the project. We will continue playing with caution.

In conclusion

At least, the Metaverse gives the crypto community another alternative future to adapt and develop. As we cheer on how successful crypto has become, we want to keep in mind privacy issues and many surveillance concerns without corporations taking advantage of individuals.

Photo by Kelvin Han on Unsplash

Disclosure: The article was written by a delusional author who is possibly a nut job without any questions whatsoever about expertise in the subject matters. You should not believe any words this author wrote or you may experience similar symptoms or even possibly become a nut job.