I don't want to use phone for internet at home. It use a lot of $ data $ unless you have wifi. Another thing is to always transferring photos from phone to pc via wireless connection or cable. It take more time and use batteries etc...

So was wondering how can i use #Instagram to download #pictures in my pc or laptop without the phone. Instagram was made for phones app so the pc website only allowed you to download video. I thought about Bluestacks but it take a lot of RAM its heavy on my pc and long to open. I found for you very easily to download pictures from Instagram in pc with chrome!.

Bluestacks is a program to use phone app on your pc mostly for games. So if you want to try that there's the link: http://bstk.me/qNRYyuCcg

You need bluestacks if you want to link your Facebook with Instagram cause i couldn't find a way with the #chrome browser.

So i hope helping you to save time and money using your browser with Instagram.