Here is a list of all the new articles that I'm planning on making for the month of February, as always there will be a brand new article every Friday.

Before I get into anything else, I want to thank all of you for your support, especially in the most recent article that I made, "The Last Hurrah #6: Chicago Cubs v. Cincinnati Reds 10/12/1911 @ Palace of the Fans". I was definitely not expecting to get the amount of upvotes that I got, and you can imagine my shock when I logged into Scorum again just two days after posting the article and seeing 17 notifications, the most notifications that I think I've had for anything.

With that, here's the articles that I'm going to be doing for February, along with how far along I am in the process at this point:

2/1/19: Breakdown of Favorite Teams & Drivers (85% complete)

2/8/19: 2019 NASCAR Cup Series Season Predictions (90% complete)

2/15/19: Best NHL Goaltenders by Uniform Number (50% complete)

2/22/19: The Last Hurrah #7: Dallas Stars v. Colorado Avalanche 6/1/1999 @ McNichols Sports Arena (10% complete)

Again, thanks to everybody who reads, upvotes, comments, shares, etc. and I'm looking forward to more in the future!