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Way to do best comment
Hello friends As I have been in different platform since i was 15 years ago and now i am 16 and even in scorum commenting is really beneficial.I found out that commenting is really important for growing any any platform. I have some tips that I wanted to share with you all guys that would be how to do best comment. As we know commenting on post are really important to make friends and also lure people to your post. Because commenting makes the person good in writing as well as people can know you from comments and they would be in your blog too. There are many ways to do best comment and they are: Before commenting read the post properly First thing is if you are going to comment, read the post really careful and listen to the voice of person who has written it. Because you know the hardship of making a post and they posted so people will get knowledge and would like them. Upvote the post We all know that writer writes a post to get upvoted and comments. So it you had read the post and if you like upvote it and then comment, then it would make the writer happy because he also need to grow and he has hard work for it. If you don't understand the post, don't hesitate to ask There are many case that a person doesn't understand the post because it may be hard to understand to people who just new as I had faced that too. So, don't hesitate to ask because write wants you to understand his words and he will surely reply in positive way. So if you don't understand the post ask for help and don't write anything you want. Starting the comment with ideal words As we know people gets attracted to the comment where you used ideal words like brilliant, great, nice, and wonderful. These words should be starting of the comment which make comments length long as well as it would look good. Write something about the post. Write the thing that you understand about the post and make it looks better. Connect with the writer and write you understood which will make the writer happy and to upvote you. Don't use any bad words and harsh words Using bad words and harsh words with make your Impression looks bad and writer may downvote or even flag you. End your comment by thanking the writer As you loved the post and thanking to writer means appreciate his or her post. Thanks means giving respect for their hard work and they brilliant post. And you also thank them for giving knowledge too which will make writer to write more of post. Follow the writer more more post and also upvotes too At last if you had commented and you got good response from the writer so follow they and keep commenting on their post and you also may get upvoted in your post too. As I had been in steemit for 8 months. I also saw people who do good comments to people post but they don't care about their comments and even they don't upvote as well as they also don't reply. But you shouldn't give up as a person can ignore you one time, two times but they cannot ignore you forever. So keep up the work. Hope you like my post. Be happy and enjoy yourself Follow me for more of my posts