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From the end to the beginning
"Sorry man, I saw it happen at the bus stop", said by a senior in my high school as he patted me on the back. I tried very hard to hold back my tears. I can't believe he had seen me. Could there be more people I knew who had seen me? I immediately regretted coming to school that day. I would have been fine if I had stayed home. I didn't like attending classes, but since it's a week to exams, I had to catch up. I could have been in bed by now, instead of acting all strong in front of this senior and his friend. I wished the earth will open up and swallow me. I got up and couldn't believe what was happening. My trousers was was torn at the knees, my palms were hot and my shirt was dirty. I was bleeding a bit in my palms and my knees. That didn't hurt as much as the eyes staring at me. I had fallen down at a popular bus stop and lot's of people were around at that time of the day. Consoling me was even making me more sad so I had to stop a bus going to Nkrumah Circle and get on it. I no longer wanted to be standing at the bus stop with all those people. I said a silent prayer in my heard, hoping nobody I knew saw me. I wasn't a happy person. I quickly got a bus going to 37 bus stop and sat down to enjoy my journey. There's a lot of traffic on the road around that time and since I've gotten used to it, I didn't even complain. I paid the conductor and inserted my earphones to listen to music. Forty minutes later, we were almost at the 37 bus stop so I removed the earphones and placed them in my bag, with my phone going into my pocket. I signaled for the bus to stop and headed to the door to get down. The bus came to a halt and the doors were opened for me to get down. For whatever reason, as I lifted one leg from the bus and was about to place it on the ground, the bus moved leaving me off-balance and I fell face first. It was a normal Monday morning and I was on my way to school. I normally take two buses to school each morning. One from my house to *Madina*, and another from Madina to *Nkrumah Circle* where my high school is located. I got to Madina at 6:10 am and was waiting for a bus to Nkrumah Circle. It would take more than hour for me to get to school on an average Monday morning so I was already running late. No bus headed for Nkrumah Circle was coming as at 6:20 am so I decided to take a different bus to *37 bus stop* and another bus from 37 bus stop to school. In my school, you were punished for being late, but you don't get punished for not coming.

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