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McLaren 600LT Spider
600 HP for 324 km/h It's a Longtail (imagination back back to the famous dynasty of the F1 GTR Long Tail, derived from the first edition at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1995); and is currently in recovery from the supercoupé 675LT): arrives in six months exactly from the first declension to offer fans more choice to the lineup Woking, brand proves to be among the most important for the highest range. McLaren 600LT Spider, the new version of “en plein air” configuration 600LT Coupe that was unveiled last summer, is ready to debut on the market (in this regard, McLaren reveals already the sale price for UK: from 201.500 pounds including tax): McLaren 600LT Spider is set up in a limited series (hand-built by the technicians of Woking). McLaren 600LT Spider starts from a careful study of aerodynamic derivative from 600LT Coupe: a set of solutions aimed at the optimization of the flows of the air that represents the element of greatest concern in the overall analysis of the body of the car. Everything, that is, it is in function of the downforce and road-holding in the early stages of the curve in order to “download” on the ground, the increased power available to the wheels. Even with regard to solutions of aerodynamic redesigned around the usual cell compartment “MonoCell II”, in relation to what was done in the recent Coupe, in order to offer the driver and passenger values velocistici unchanged also in the guide “open to the sky” (this provides a hard top, carbon fiber, retractable).Maximum speed: 324 km/h From 0 to 100 km/h in 2”9 (8”4 from 0 to 200 km/h) with “package” MSO Clubsport Pack that offers the seats in carbon fiber, the weight is a 100 Kg lower.

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