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Why mushrooms are good for your health?
Mushrooms are good food which contain AHCC(Active hexose correlated compound). The kind of food may increase immune response to the flue of virus. It will become texture by adding rich flavour to gravy, soups, and stir fries. Organic mushrooms are fairly common items, which are grown under organic conditions without pesticides and fertilizers and use sawdust as the predominant growing medium. Organic certified white and brown mushrooms are highly demandable, because of their good tastes and high nutrition power. Maximum organic sellers think it is the best business today. Organic mushrooms are popular in part because of their nutritional attributes, just as conventional like that. The fact is true that organic and non organic mushrooms have various conventional reasons. The growing methods between organic and nonorganic specialty mushrooms, the prices are becoming more and more comparable. Sometimes organic white and brown mushrooms are available at proper rates in the market. Buyers feel it is nice because of the budget of the capacity within their limitations. We have mushroom growing activity spread over the length and breadth of the country, with local spawn laboratories proliferating in areas of greater demand. The per capita consumption is 15-20g only and by increasing the per capita consumption to 100g, we should be able to market 100000 tonnes of mushrooms within the country. There are positive signs emanating from the consumer in India, and today cultivated mushrooms are available in all common vegetable shops, grocery stores and departmental stores in small and big towns in India. Mushrooms are more relevant to predominantly vegetarian India. USA started to find out the proper growth and production power of mushrooms in India. The production ratio of India likes to deny the huge growth of mushrooms. The biggest advantage of India is offering the lower cost of production of mushrooms both in the organic and non organic forms. Most of the organic farmers are considering the commercial units have excelled in the art of composting with measurement of Organic mushrooms. Marketing research agree that the mushrooms into the market from seasonal growers.