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Battleball; Featured Player @bwar
Welcome back to Season One of Battleball This is a new alternative game where you play to stay alive so you can get promoted on scorum. Pick option A or B and see if you lived! The players of this season are on two teams. Team: WENNIDIGOS @bwar @bethalea @talesfrmthecrypt @kaybee123 @hellsbelle And Team: LYCANS @abur @jsock @davor27 @rohu03 @mikey @philnewton The featured player this week is: Bwar! Where to begin. This canuck and I go wayyy back to my early Steemit days where we met when I made contests similar to this. He's seen me pull my hair out chasing people to get their answer. He's a great writer on hockey. I'm a casual fan of the NHL I live in Florida so yea. He did a really good piece on the rankings for the teams and has my bolts at #4. https://scorum.com/en-us/nhl/@bwar/bwar-s-nhl-power-rankings I'm not a huge hockey fan but I'll start following it more for scorum so I can engage with users. And to talk shop with him on Edmonton. Here we go. So I spoiled that he survived. But which did he chose? Wens: Challenge the captain or back down. While you feel amazingly powerful and in your new body challenging the captain is akim to a newborn pup biting the alpha pack leader. It doesn't go well. You are then beaten to a pulp and unable to compete in the tourney. Because well your deadness. Better luck next time! By backing down from the challenge you save face because you are the lowest ranking member. For now. Dead: Only @bethalea chose wrong and is eliminated. But no response from @talesfrmthecrypt and @kaybee123 also got them killed. Survivors on team Wenn: @bwar and @hellsbelle You are given some food as a reward for adhering to the alpha heirchery. The captain points to the giant steel door with a thigh bone of the elk. Now we train he says with a smile. The door rattles as it goes up into the air. A hulking behomth towers over your team. Covered in scars its some form of creature. And it wants to fight. Here are your choices: Go for the legs? Go for the head? Team Lycans: Mikey: You glide past the spearmen who seem lethargic in comparison to your quickness you scale the walls and easily go above them. Everyone else: Even though he's chained. He quickly gets a hand on you. The surprise causes you to faint. Its best you do. The next part won't be pretty. Never solo a Wenn. Better luck next season. @mikey: You train for the next few hours your body and mind becoming one as you face scaling danger. Quickly spotting traps and other dangers before they can spring. You come across a wide gap and don't see a way to cross. Breathing echoes behind you. A lone wenn has tracked you down. Do you: Jump into the gap and hope there's water Or Try and trick him so you can go past him? And just like that guys we are down to three players after one week. Two Wenns and a Lycan. The latter of whom knew the lonely opponent was a trap. Smart cookie! Well @bwar, @hellsbelle and @mikey. Let's see who's the lone survivor. Good luck to you all!

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