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Feature Request to SCORUM TEAM
Hello Scorum peoples - me and my peoples have gathered few feature request for scorum Request #1 Please make it easier for people to vote for witness as in steemit Request #2 Please Make the markup editor better like hackmd.io Request #3 The Reward system should be 100% paid in liquid (its the users decision weather to power up or keep liquid tokens) Request #4 Powering Down is too long (12 weeks is better than 12 months, with partially powering down every week Power-down amount / 12 Weeks) Request #5 The docs in github are not managed properly and dev's looking for information gets confused (please make it clean and clear) Request #6 self voting is allowed on posts but not on comment (self voting is bad and it hampers community , but people should be allowed to upvote own comments,maybe only on the 6th day of the post , or some kind of policy) Request #7 Do a crowd campiagn to list coin to binance or other mainstream exchanges (because of low liquidity in openledger the price is highly volatile) Request #8 Do bounty programes for Invitation and bringing in new peoples (if i invited some peoples then i am placed a 10% beneficiary on what he earns in he first month) , This how we can increase the user base and contribution and investments in the scorum blockchain. Request #9 Please make a Discord Server for developers Request #10 Don't monopoly the tokens and voting system. I know how big whales in steem are mis using their Power. Hope that does not happens here Pranishg ----> Vote for Witness Fiasteem Team ---> P2P altcoin against Cash Exchange -- > https://fiasteem.com
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