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5 Hottest women in sports
As I was "researching articles" to post on Scorum, there was one reoccurring thought whilst I was looking into the women's sports section: Some female athletes are hot as hell. In this article I combine all my gathered knowledge and try to list the 5 most beautiful women in sports. #5 Michelle Jenneke Source We are starting our list off with Michelle Jenneke. This beauty is a Australian hurdle champion. Winning the Australian National Championship and setting a new national record in 4 x 100 relay, she is as talented as she is attractive. In 2012 a clip of her warmup for the World Junior Championships went viral on Youtube. In only one week the clip was viewed 19 million times and had gotten coverage from the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. An athlete to look out for. #4 Amber Hill Source Next up we have Amber Hill. She is a 21 year old sports shooter from the UK. Amber specialises in Skeet, and she is bloody good in it. In 2015 she made her senior international debut at the European games. She won the gold medal for the UK. Only 1 year later she managed to play the World Cup final scoring 15 to 13 hits. An absolute beauty, we will hear from her! #3 Hilary Knight Source Hilary Knight is a ice hokey star. As part of the US National Hokey team since 2007 she is a 6 times world champion, one time olympic champion and conquered multiple other titles. Her current hokey team is Les Canadiennes de Montreal, she plays right front. #2 Brittney Palmer Source This UFC girl is the real deal. Brittney Palmer is one of the hottest UFC girls in the industry. If you haven't heard of her yet, there is a lot to explore about this fit girl. #1 Paige Spiranac Paige Spiranac Paige Spiranac is (in my opinion) the hottest athlete in the world. This US golfer and media personality actually quit the professional golf scene in 2016. In her career she won All-Mountain West honors during the 2012-2014 and 2013-2014 seasons. She also led the Aztecs to their first Mountain West Conference Championship in school history. Nowadays she mainly focusses in growing her social media influence. Paige Spiranac Who do you think is the hottest female athlete, please share it with us in the comments! Thanks for reading! Best regards, Wouter

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