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Tibia the best mmorpg of all time
From the world of the tibia, I send a greeting to all Scorum users. What is warm and why is it my hobby? Tibia is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). My passion for this game started during my baccalaureate, I was exactly 12 years old, although there were many other games online, I liked their unique style and difficult to level up. Why was Tibia better than other games? Most games do not have a real difficulty system, once you gain enough level, you become a kind of deity and the game could get you bored. There are no more challenges in which you can not win and the worst thing is that the pvp (player vs. player) is basically absurd in some games, in the sense that many low level players can never kill at a high level. Tibia offered the option to face any player alone or in a group, in fact, it was very rare that the low level exceeded a high level.The hunting system was one of the worst, there were constant contentions for the power to hunt in the best places with the intention of getting experience to level up or objects to make your character stronger, but this also gave a unique touch to the game it made it more difficult. When I was 12 years old, watching a player reach level 50 was a legend, which means that most players did not reach level 30. Only the most outstanding players reached levels 100 or higher. The social system of the tibia was very fun, you can find all kinds of players in the deposit (place where players can exchange with others for sure) even had users who only made social life, but changed after the 8.60 update. They included new hunting zones, powers and eliminated toxic players. What is a toxic player? Everywhere there are users who do not behave and make the stay of others uncomfortable with inappropriate language or harassment. In the world of Tibia, there was a type of player who was despised by the whole community as the "PA" power abuser. This player was the most toxic he could see in the community. Why? New users are those who will bring the game to life or entertain players who already have experience, but the "PA" player is responsible for constantly harassing these apprentices, killing their desire to play. Tibia is a game entirely in English, due to this, players must learn basic English. The reward system is very low. Example: 5 hours of game can give as reward 1 level and a small booty, but with luck, you can kill that player and keep all the loot, maybe get a part of your set (full armor suit). It sounds cruel, but that is the game. Maybe the game does not look very attractive due to its difficulty, but that is what made it unique. In my case, I'm not a big fan of playing in a group, I prefer solitaire, because the booty is very low as explained. Group hunting has its advantages, the greatest is protection against other players. Tibia imposes a challenge on its players. In my rookie days, killing a demon was a very difficult task, only high-level players did. Trying it was crazy with low-level characters, even so I went and faced some of the strongest creatures. Obviously, I asked another player for help, but this one was of a lower level than mine, so even with help, it would be an epic battle. After 10 minutes the demon was defeated. His death was the beginning of the greatest adventure that even today I enjoy. The wars between clans were constant by the power of the world of Tibia, the winner obtained the eternal glory, while the loser dishonors it and being hunted forever. I had to choose a side or move away. I decided not to be part of the contest a serious error. The winning clan subdued all the losers and seized the server, without a group to cope with them they dominated everything. They still remain at the top. The clan Dominad Os they are the master of shivera the server where I play. Although the Dominad Os are the strongest do not bother the other players, once they won the war they established their laws and regulations. Everyone who is against has only one option, start a contest and with some luck beat them. Tibia not only amuses you, but it makes you forget for a moment your problems. This great game has the opportunity to play hundreds of hours. It's not just about killing and getting a level every five or three hours. It's about friendships you have, and for that you need to be sociable, but beware of the Tibia world you can not trust anyone very much 90% of the players look for their own benefit. Cheating and betrayal are very frequent. But if a friendship is forged it is for life. I currently play 2 to 3 hours at night. My hobby does not prevent me from leading a social life, since I always play at night. I am not the tallest, but not the lowest either. I can not say that I am the combat expert, but I defend myself very well from any enemy that challenges me and, in the worst case, I can not win, I can always run away. The cowards live to fight on another occasion. Tibia has a system of bosses that requires all server players to defeat him, these bosses usually drop an incredible booty. In general, the events of the world are peaceful, but sometimes the clans take advantage of the power of the boss to try to take control. My role in the game is to block dangerous creatures for the weakest. Normally the blocker receives all the loot. A great advantage when it comes to creatures that would only be difficult or impossible to kill. A simple view looks like a basic and boring game, but you do not judge a book by its cover.