The Consuming - Another SCR Possibility
About a month ago, I made shopping for some products from Scorum mates by SCR. The deals were done successfully with the encouragement of Scorum mates, though it needed a lot of tasks to complete. It was quite exciting experiment in the meaning we found another SCR possibility. Today, let me report about this experiment. I'm happy if this article inspires you also try shopping. Where I Did It?I held a shopping event in this article a month ago, where I offered to buy something goods by SCR. Happily, a lot of friends joined this event and I accomplished. In this article, I will share you the goods I bought, the process for accomplish dealing, why I recommend you do shopping, and some points to note when you do shopping.Goods I GotAs thanks to permitted from sellers, I share you the goods I bought. (1) Astonishing Millipede PhotoFor my requesting "some unique photos from your city", Akudozen san from Nigeria provide me a photo of a millipede. I grew up in the countryside so I love natural creatures. For the countryside boys, encountering rare creatures is the best treasure. I, in my childhood, always yearned astonishing creatures only live in tropical countries. This millipede is a bit scary but amazing! Of course, This never exists in Japan. I searched insects encyclopedia and thought it is "Giant African Millipede". The encyclopedia says it is the biggest millipede in the world! My old dream has come true! (2)Alabaman Holiday Photo For my requesting "some unique photos from your city", Pete-san from Alabama, U.S. provide me a photo of a young woman enjoy fishing. Wonderful! This photo seems as if taken by a professional. Pete-san said that the large water behind is a Dam that supplies hydroelectric power to much of Northwest Alabama and this is one scene of a Sunday School, where young people challenge fishing and cooking of caught fish. Seeing such a happy picture, I even felt as if I were in this picture. (3)Blog IllustrationThanks Austino-san to made me an illustration for my blog articles. Currently, I post 'weekly schedule' once a week and had thought it is happy if someone provides me an illustrator for it. This design suggests well my article is related to various sports. I like this new one very much. Trade Process in My CaseWith the absence of any specialized platforms for trading, it needs a bothersome process to complete one trade. In my case, I made an article calling for trades. I informed my Telegram ID to mates who interested in. I negotiated the trade conditions there. Finally, I transferred SCR to them and was received goods via Telegram. When you try to do shopping here, you may also need to follow similar processes.Recommendation for ShoppingEven though there were bothersome and need much time to accomplish trades, shopping was so fun for me. Unlike important business transactions, we can go step by step only using free times. Here are several reasons I would like to recommend you to do shopping. (1)Enjoy Community More Even if you got SP rewards for your effort of writing or got SCR for your winning of sports betting, you should not happy if the SCR price falls down in the future. Now, why don't you change the idea? If the SCR value went down in the future, the winners were those who spent SCR for their pleasure purpose during SCR had value. (2)SCR Price SupportI had been watching this community all since the starting. Despite those who have much SCR(include me) continue to stay, many small investors already had left. It goes without saying the main reason for the current SCR decline is by the active users decreasing. Ironically, how big investors advocate the necessity of protecting SCR value, it hardly seems beneficial for small investors. We need to care for small investors more. Trading goods by SCR would be one of the measures small investors to enjoy benefits. Things to Keep in MindScorum is borderless ecosystem having the currency SCR. So we should be able to trade goods more freely. Here, I share some points to remember for trading.(1)Use 'Other' Category and 'bazaar' Tag When you offer to buy/sell some goods trough article posting, it will be gone in deep of the page a few days later. So it is good to use 'Other' Category, where the number of new postings is relatively low, and attach 'bazaar' tag for marking. (2)Trade for digital data It goes without saying that it is difficult to trade goods we need to transport to deliver. The examples I can think of are such: digital photos, illustrations, rare items of online games, language teaching and translating service.(3)Small Trade Here is a place where you can enjoy trading with friends with a small amount. Sometimes it would happen that the delivery of product or payment for it does not execute as expected. Don't make large transactions that you feel sorry at such accident. Conclusion The conclusion of this post is, in my opinion, community satisfaction will be enhanced by interacting mates more regardless of SCR holding amounts or locations they live. The enhanced community satisfaction will increase the active users, which will serve the ultimate goal of increasing SCR value. I think many people now feel uneasy due to the SCR price dropping, but I hope this community will be a place where we can enjoy the interaction with sports fans for a long time.