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My Introduction And Journey Of My Crypto World
My Introduction And Journey Of My Crypto World source Aslamo Alikum! My crypto fellows. My name is Rafia. source I am a student. My hobbies are playing badminton, carom board, surfing on the internet and watching horror movies. I love traveling, outing. if I talk about games i love to watch a cricket match. Let's tell you about my crypto blogging journey. How did I Know About Steemit? source Before last October I didn't know about crypto world. I was watching a movie on YouTube during this, I saw an ad on the movie about bitcoin and he was explaining in a very good way that how can we rich with bitcoin dramatically. So after this ad, I searched about bitcoin on Google and also watch some more YouTube videos. While watching these videos in the suggested video I watched a video of a guy named Jerry Banfield, who was so excited to explain about steemit. So the first time I came to know about steemit because of Jerry Banfield. So after this, I searched more and made an account on steemit in my December school vacation, last year and wrote some post but because, I was new and didn't know much about anything, even didn't know about voting bot and discord channels. I also used some faucet meanwhile I came to know that faucet was just a waste of time. So I also leave these faucets in middle. So after my school vacation, I leave and forget about all these stuff. In my summer vacation, I was again free so I continue steemit. And try a lot to earn some steem but unfortunately, I earn just 70 steem and little bit SBD. This is my steemit account. https://steemit.com/@everything-4you My youtube source Before this account, I have also made a youtube channel and i was working in my vacations on this channel This is my youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdHgjLaWLLZd4BRQMW-INLA How did I join scorum? While using steemit in my summer vacation, I read a post about scorum on steemit so I just searched on Google about scorum and made an account on this platform too in July, 2018. As a girl, I was not familiar with sports too much except cricket, so in the start, I was commenting on different people cricket posts. And also write some posts. But in the start, I got a flag on my post which has earned 287 SCR. So I felt really bad and discuss this with 2 person @civilstudy and @gentlemanoi. Both helped me and my post flag was removed. How did I join weku source While using scorum as well as little bit steemit a guy @wekuloverbd send me a link of weku a new platform, which was just a copy of steemit. It was new so I was thought that I can build a little bit weku sp in the start if I work there. So I forget about scorum and starting work on weku. Weku had a referral reward so in the start, I send weku link to everyone. Even discord channel block me. But I send it to every possible person in my discord. But alas! at the end, weku team did not give me any referral award except only 50 weku. I also invited to weku a good friend Pathi who is working on weku as a @teamnepal. This is my weku id https://deals.weku.io/@rafia How did I join whaleshares source Now a few days before I came to know about whaleshares which is also looking a copy of steemit. Today I will do my 1st post on whaleshares. Let's watch what is the condition of this platform. This is My whaleshares id! https://whaleshares.io/@rafia Today I decided that I will work on every platform a little bit and will not leave previous platforms. So yesterday I wrote a post on scorum again after 3 months. But alas someone flags me again. source The sad part is this in a whole year, I have only earned 70 steem, 8sbd , 13SCR, 455 scorum sp and 2384 weku. source But I am hoping for best maybe in 2019, i will earn better. And become rich just like a guy telling about a daydreaming in a youtube channel. source This is my discord channel join me on discord. https://discord.gg/jhdNRAM


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