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About Myself... Hi everybody! I would like to introduce myself since I am new to the Scorum Community. My name is Abdullah Yusuf Ehab. I am from Chittagong, Bangladesh. I have completed my graduation form Banshkhali Degree College. Now I am waiting for complete my post-graduation...But I am now very busy with my job in a multinational company in Bangladesh, in Energy sector. About my reading... I start my reading journey in the age of about 6/7 years. This book was about a fairy tale. After this, I start loving this king of story. This kind of book is always awesome. I always try to pass a particular time with reading books. But, I love to read books, all kind of books. But specially I like mystery, fairy tale, old mysterious stories, story of civilization, story of religion, story of history... My realization... After a long time of my reading I realize that I have to write something. After that, I think I will write about what I love to read. Because, I feel this kind of story and book very much. I want to share all of my collection to all of you. This is an all mysterious, fun, historical, old age story, old civilization story...etc. Story of mystery... That’s why I will write my all of content about mystery, fairy tale, old mysterious story, civilization, religion and story of history. I think in this steemian community, all are going to like my collection. Thank you for reading my introduction. Feel free to post any questions or thoughts in the comments I love meeting new people. Stay with me, and inspired me by following and up voting... Love you all