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Let Love Lead
A third of the worlds population claim to be Christians. I mean 32% of the worlds population are supposedly Christians. If you are still not getting it, assuming the entire population is 8 billion people. The number of people who say they are Christians are 2.56 billion. How is the world still in turmoil if we have this many people calling themselves Christians. Are they not having any impact in the world around them? Almost half of the entire Christian population are in America, Brazil and Mexico. Is love leading in those countries? I'm not sure most people would want to own a gun in the USA if love was leading. I'm also not sure there would be lot's of violence in Brazil and Mexico if love was leading. A pastor was stabbed to death in church on a Sunday by his nephew here in Ghana just about 2 weeks ago. It's sad to hear of such things. It's time we put our humanity back on. Let's show love to one another. Love is patient and kind. Are you patient and kind? It's even difficult for parents to have patience for their kids this days. Most people are only kind to people who they know can do something for them in return. Even enemies can do that. Pride is something most people have, and don't know, and yet, won't accept when you tell them. You don't have to sell yourself short, it also doesn't mean you should be boastful. Don't be covetous. It's great to want to have the good things other people have, but it becomes a problem when your desire to get those things exceed a limit where you would do anything to get it. Delight in the truth and doing good. False accusations doesn't make the world a better place even if you have good intentions. Do what's right always, or at least whenever you can. Don't let the pressures of life make you do things you would regret. Be good to people and let them believe in humanity. Even if you aren't a Christian, or you aren't religious, there's still a lot of good you can do. You can definitely make the world much better. If you are a Christian, but you don't love others, you are like a bell ringing and disturbing the rest of mankind. You are just making noise by saying you are a Christian. It doesn't matter if you are the brother of Christ or you can cast out Lucifer himself. Your love towards others will draw people to Christ even better than you professing to be a Christian and evangelising to them.