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Brain Is An App, Use It To Balance Your Marriage.
Hey! Listen up or get screwed for life because no amount of prayer can save you. See, I am gonna be raw here. The high rate of cheating in marriages today is alarming. In fact, I no longer use an alarm, it's now the noise that does wake me up lol 😂 If you prefer cucumber 🥒 to carrot 🥕, in no situation should you marry someone with a carrot 🥕 because cheating is inevitable If your libido is high, in no circumstance should you marry someone with low libido? Money won't answer you when the time comes. Entering a relationship because of material things will only get you hurt in a long run. My bro, my sis, the hard truth is that your speaking in tongues won't work here. If you like them big, go for big, like them figure 8, go for it or like them slim go for it. Maybe there should be death sentence for cheating 😂 😂 😂 so that people will get a sense. If you're not sexually compatible, my brother, my sister back out before the time bomb 💣 explodes on your head. Cheating is what I hate with a passion when I see a married man or woman who cheats, I feel like bombing someone. Once you're in, you're in TILL DEATH DO US APART. Don't ruin your future because of material gains my sister ooh. Money doesn't buy all the thing. When you work hard and be financially stable, you will have a choice. It's only when you're broke you will have no choice. In the process of looking for financial stability, you will be made to eat a carrot 🥕 instead of cucumber 🥒 you so much love. At the end, you will get frustrated. Whether you're broke or financial stable, have a choice and stick to it. Your brain is an app, start using it.

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