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Movies are subjective by watching them without anticipation but with a sole pursuit of entertainment.If you could take a step back; is it plausible to track back your likes and dislikes on films? Was there a dramatic interchange in them over the course of time..? With my limited interactions with my colleagues and introspection; I could realize the impact of ones surroundings in molding his/her likes and dislikes (obviously not only to movies!) So one loved simple stories (cartoons if you may know), a sudden interests in actions,super heroes and thrillers, may be a little bit of romance(or horror.), then comes feel good and indeed true stories. Even in your 20s if you could love your good old cartoons as they once did , be happy for being a well motivated human being. Now I was struck with a question.... Is there a difference in preference with the change in gender ? Well; maybe you may know on your own.And then comes the language;its pretty clear on comfort in their mother tongue.But still over the course of time you may try your chances with other languages and themes.English being a major universal ; there is an edge for Hollywood, its worth a try for some Korean and Indian movies for their intensity in themes.Language is an indirect indicator of ones ethnic. Ignorance is a bliss! Across the globe one can notice how each of them fills in their movies. Some prefers cutout songs....which can have their own influence. I have seen myself how important a particular song can be in popularizing a film over a longer time period.Concept of acting do differ. You may be well aware of this over the time period from those black and whites to color. Technology has advanced and indeed techniques in films. But I still find it convincing that a good script and story has a cutting edge over the effects of highly contrasted visual, sound effects.When is a film successful?.... when it has a wider spectrum of viewers which it can keep interested and entertained.Film works as a unit and never judge them beforehand. Don't rush into them, keep entertained. ..live together die alone! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------*This write up remains as an intro to my upcoming reviews and opinions on certain movies, TV- series I prefer sharing.Hope you enjoy and comment suggestions at dranmipay@gmail.com