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Your favorite t-shirt!
When I was a child I was a collector of sporting objects, especially football, but I did not disdain other sports, basketball and baseball. Whistles, scarves, pennants, bandanas and more! I was always looknig forward to the release of my favorite newspaper, "Juve my team" which provided a lot of gadgets starting from the cover that was a big sticker, fantastic! 😃 The journal was also available in version for Milan and Inter, at that time every young football fan of my area was the race to get it by booking it well in advance from their trusted newspaper seller. Among all the football memorabilia, however, there is one that in the imagination of the fans excels above all: the t-shirt. Possibly official, with free choice of name, number and various patches, the Top of the Top are those signed by their favorites palyers. Of signed I have just one that was given a few years ago by a friend who won it at a poker tournament on Juventus summer training in Chatillon, but being him a Milan fan decided to give it to me as a few days later for my birthday, a gift that as you can imagine I appreciated very much even if unfortunately the following season with my great regret "King Artur" was going playing with Bayern Monaco. I bought several T-shirts in all these years, of different teams and of all kinds, the one I care about most is that of the 1995/96 vintage that was used during the Champions League final match: Juventus vs Ajax. There is a clear difference between the heart and mind, the shirt that has always fascinated me aesthetically is that of the United used during the season. Eric Cantona is one of the players who has always inspired me so much and of whom I owned a huge poster in the room among all those of Juventus in the middle there he was, ignoring the behavioral aspect that especially in a specific occasion has certainly not given a enviable example of sportiness. That intense red color and the collar up I dreamed them during the night when I was a little boy, unfortunately I never had the opportunity to buy it, at the time to buy T-shirts you had to go to the official shops and in my area you don't found too many, unlike today where every possible and imaginable object is available on the web 24/7. I also have some basketball, as a child I was watching a lot NBA, I loved Orlando Magic with Shaq and Penny that they loose the last game against Huston Rocket of Hakeem The dream Olajuwon and Sam Alien Cassel. Now I'm really curious to know what is your favorite shirt or the one you are most fond of, every picture taken from the web, links or photos of property is more than welcome! All the pictures have been made by me to some of the t-shirts that I have, apart from the one by Eric Cantona, which unfortunately I never had the opportunity to photograph.

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