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Game of Thrones Contest
A lotta people are excited about the final season of Game of Thrones, which starts tomorrow night on HBO. There are a gazillion fan theories and a ton of speculation about who will "win". Some friends of mine and I have been discussing it from a purely military perspective for several seasons now. So I thought I'd make it interesting. I'm starting a pool for who you think will sit on the Iron Throne at the end of the series. The entry fee is 10 SCR. You are allowed three picks, ranked from 1 - 3. They must be specific named characters, so no "some random zombie" entries. You may name the same character for more than one of your picks. You may also pick nobody only under specific conditions such as, "The Iron Throne will be destroyed." All winners whose top pick sits on the Iron Throne at the end of the series will split 100% of the entry fees. All winners whose second pick sits on the Iron Throne at the end of the series will split 50% of the entry fees. All winners whose third pick sits on the Iron Throne at the end of the series will split 25% of the entry fees. I will match the entry fees for the the first ten entries. In the likely event of ties, the winners' payouts will scale. For example, If Entrant 1's first pick and Entrant 2's second pick sit on the Iron Throne at the end of the series, Entrant 1 would receive 67% of the entry fees and Entrant 2 would receive 33% of the entry fees. For example, If Entrant 1's top pick, Entrant 2's second pick, and Entrant 3's third pick sit on the Iron Throne at the end of the series, Entrant 1 would receive 57.143% of the entry fees, Entrant 2 would receive 28.571% of the entry fees, and Entrant 3 would receive 14.286% of the entry fees. For example, If the top pick of Entrants 1 and 2, the second pick of Entrants 3 and 4, and the third pick of Entrants 5 and 6 sit on the Iron Throne at the end of the series, Entrants 1 and 2 would split 57.143% of the entry fees, Entrants 3 and 4 would split 28.571% of the entry fees, and Entrants 5 and 6 would split 14.286% of the entry fees. Any specific conditions you state must be met in order to win. My picks are:Varys. Because he's extremely clever and the least likely to be in any actual combat.The Night King.Daenerys, but she's a White Walker. To be eligible, send 10 SCR to my wallet before the Game of Thrones season 8 premiere starts at 9 PM EDT tomorrow, and comment on this post with your top three picks in order. I will reply to your comment to confirm your entry. Any entry submitted after 9 PM EDT tomorrow will NOT be eligible and will NOT be refunded but will be added to the prize pool. Any wallet transfer without a comment on this post stating your picks will NOT be refunded, 'cause honestly if you didn't read this gigantic text, I don't have time to explain it to you. Good luck! All gifs via https://giphy.com

SCORUM BAZAAR - 100SCR shopping
NEW CHALLENGE ON SCORUM We can enjoy blogging and betting on Scorum currently. Added to those, we should be able to enjoy shopping by SCR. Today I try to another SCR possibility, shopping! It is @mikey who inspired me. I proposed shopping by SCR at mikey's contest and fortunately rewarded 50 SCR. Adding my own 50SCR, total 100SCR now prepared. I am happy if I got amazing products or services from mates. So I hope many friends join this bazaar. MY THOUGHT I simply want to enjoy Scorum more. Are you enjoying Scorum? Sustainable growth of this community depends on whether there is a lot of fun in Scorum. Trading with the absence of a specialized platform can be complicated and risky. But I don't hesitate to challenge. DEAL PROCESS ・Please write one or more products/services you can provide me and prices for it in the comment section. It is better if some explanations add. Don't forget my budget is 100SCR. ・I will choose at least one product/service to buy among those until 18 Apr. 11:00 pm GMT and announce here or another post. EXAMPLE OF PRODUCTS/SERVICES Let me restrict the products/services to be traded should be digital data. Physical products which need transportation to deliver need to be avoided. Appropriate examples are such: ・photos of your town you originally took ・stickers for SNS(*1) ・design a picture for a Scorum article ・Skype online English teacher ・Skype online cultural seminar ABOUT ME please refer my personas below if you interested in: ・52 years old, living in Japan with wife and two children ・IT and investment related worker ・travels and coffee lover ・favorite games are shogi(Japanese chess) and pokemon go ・studying English and machine learning(just started) ・i-phone user ・recent troubles are fatting and shallow sleeping I am eager for your participation!! (*1) SNS Stickers small and a bit witted pictures postable for SNS. In the case of Telegram, the sample is below. DEAL RESULT - 18th Apr. updated I appreciate a lot of support from mates. And Thanks for some mates joining this deal. It was mates here that courage me to carry out this event. The deal results are below. 1.pete-san I will take a unique digital photo of a historic or cultural icon from the area where I live ・・・. The fee for this service is 0.5 SCR. We know you offered such a low price with considering other mates also can join. Let me trade with the condition as you offered. Yes, I will buy a digital photo for 0.5SCR. I'm happy to feel as if I'm traveling to the U.S. 2.mikey-san For 50 SCR I will send you a package with random U.S. sports memorabilia items How wonderful proposal! You always seem to be enjoying Scorum. Your story always makes me happy. Of course, I will buy this package for 50SCR. I'm proud of having such friends and getting such only one goods! Then I will send you SCRs immediately. Please contact me via Telegram or Discord. I will share you my e-mail address to deliver the items. https://t.me/acamus151 https://discord.gg/nGGR8c ----------- 3.austino-san I will look into designing a picture for Scorum article and taking a picture of my town. 4.akudozen-san I will like to go for photos of my town and designing a picture for Scorum articles. Thank you for joining this event, Austiono-san and Akudozen-san. I so appreciate. I'm willing to buy some photos from each of you for 50SCR if possible. I would be happy if I could feel an African trip. I always welcome your contact via the above SNS.