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My No Introduction Post
Most of bloggers start their posts in original fashion. I guess I'm not that original so I'll start by just simply saying "hello folks, how's it going y'all, etc..." - You may not know who I am, but I do know who you are. You are a bunch of awesome people who are in a great community where we all share something that is able to band us together ?! Crypto and Sports! I vividly remember my thoughts about how good it could be to start blogging in a site with such an upside (ahem! @mikey) but on the other side it really saddens me all the time I wasted by stopping blogging. Tons of reasons kept me outside of the matrix. Among them a long, cold and hard period of depression that dried up my every drop of inspiration. Although the majority of online folks avoid getting their posts personal, I feel that in order for me to start over (again), I need to let some feelings out, because it's really sad to see myself in this position where nothing moves forward. I've been around from time to time reading some good posts, I've also seen a lot of good friends and people rise up among the ranks and though that makes me really happy, it makes feel horrible that I wasn't able to keep up just like them; I feel that in some sort of way, I betrayed and dissapoint them by not keeping up, for we were supposed to build the best Poker and Sports community, right? When I'm on the right track, I tend to be unstoppable, I guess we can call it "being in the zone" we all have had that feeling; I'm not that special! Thing is I've been feeling highly surrounded by that energy and I expect to capitalize it and show you and my persona how much good or bad of a blogger I can be, so expect hearing a lot from me. If you read this post thanks for doing it, and if not I guess this is me saying the right things for myself. I wish you good fortune on the wars to come
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