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The Diesel Power Challenge and Shoe + Fruit Contest Results
The Diesel Power Challenge is an annual competition between diesel-powered pickup trucks and their crews where the best truck, skilled driver and smartest crew win bragging rights. To compete, trucks must have a diesel engine (none of those gas-powered F-150s). These aren't racing trucks. Trucks must be street legal to participate. Most competitors drive them cross-country to the location. Truck Trend describes it as their "annual performance, endurance, and strategy contest for diesel-powered pickups and their drivers and crews." Read More ← Check it out to vote on the trucks that will get a shot this year. Entries for 2019 are now closed. Aside from hockey this is the only sport I never miss watching. It's a sport where guys take their suped-up diesel trucks and run them into the ground for bragging rights and a trophy. Don't think anyone knows or cares if there's a cash prize. It's not NASCAR but it definitely deserves a spot on Scorum. Challenge CategoriesDyno readings (accuracy debatable) Sled-pull (likely where the truck will die) 1/4 mile drag race (no trailer) 1/8 mile tow (11,500 lb trailer) Trailer obstacle course (11,500 lb trailer, yeah backing up into cones is required) To participate and have a shot in hell you need to know how to tow and handle a trailer. That's not something you master overnight. You get scored on all the categories separately. The trucks aren't all the latest model or any of that crap. They're all modified for performance and power and if you go through the entries for 2019 you'll notice that many favor the same engine. That's not because these guys like old trucks but because, in the case of Ford at least, Ford went ahead and ruined a good thing. I can't say much for the other trucks. Many of the trucks used in the Diesel Power Challenge are regular drivers although let's not kid ourselves, those are mostly from the South (except for California). There's some stupid crap that you get to see in these but overall on par with any amateur sport. Screenshot from 2018 Part 5 Sled Pull - Click Here to Watch This is a great sport for those who love their trucks. Anyone who's got a diesel truck knows that they either got to know how to maintain it themselves or they'll kill a good thing. But yeah if you got a truck like this you know how to repair it or you're pissing your money away. Most can't take trucks to these extremes but would be great to. Now don't go watching this thinking you're going to get pro advice anywhere there. It's still a sport and there's stupid crap that happens. You get to see a lot of after-market parts and some decent driving. Screenshot from 2018 Part 4 Obstacle Course - Click Here to Watch Watch Watch episodes at: https://www.motortrendondemand.com/show/diesel-power-challenge/42025982/ Or on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_KhDFyq24E&list=PLGvTvFzdMg_NlRc67LBFGqJOQ5IEgs996 And now for the main event since I know you're not here to look at trucks: Shoe + Fruit Contest Judging was delayed simply because I typically try and track down an original GP member to judge these to keep them impartial. They don't know any of the participants and aren't Scorum members themselves. They just see the images. Entries https://scorum.com/en-us/scorum/@bethalea/gp-contests-shoe-fruit https://scorum.com/en-us/scorum/@mikey/gp-contests-shoe-fruit https://scorum.com/en-us/baseball/@snook/guiltyparties-challenge-and-contest https://scorum.com/en-us/scorum/@giornalista/gp-contests-shoe-fruit https://scorum.com/en-us/scorum/@inthenow/guiltyparties-contest-shoe-fruit https://scorum.com/en-us/scorum/@dexpartacus/gp-contests-shoe-fruit https://scorum.com/en-us/scorum/@btb/gp-contests-shoe-fruit To qualify, an entry had to be linked from the comments in the contest post. Winner The winning entry belongs to @dexpartacus! Grats on your 2 SCR grand prize. All entries got their 0.25 SCR participaction prize already. Due to numerous lengthy complaints and the fact that "trending" got filled with fruit and shoes, further contests will involve a lot more work than putting a fruit into a shoe.