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Sport & Gender: A history of bad science & 'biological racism'.
Hello friends! Today i am going to discuss very important thing so stay focused,with graphics, stastics, gender comparison, refrence events,history evidence etc. Life looked good for Dute chand last july. The first indian sprinter to reach a final at a global athletes event in 2013, the 18 year old was already the national champion at 100m and 200m,and an Asian game bronze medalist. The excitement about her potential was such that the sport athletes of india's leader General Jij Thomson described her as a "sure shot Olympic medalist " of the future, and a place in a final on her Common Wealth Games debut looked within her reach. But then, she “failed ” a test that had nothing to do win final, and was dramatically withdrawn from national team. Dute chand's fast lane of controversy Becomes Indian national under_18 champion for 100m when she clocks 11.8 seconds in 2012. Wins a 200m bronze at 2013 Asian Games and is first Indian to reach a global sprint final at the world youth. Claims 100/200m double at Asian games Athletes championship, promting the athletes federation of India to ask fir a gender test in july. Win a case in july 2015 over winning her ban on competition. She has now cleared to race by a landmark ruling questioning the validaty of so called gender tests around naturally high testosterone levels in female athletes. Who i am said chand with mixture of defiance and dismay at the time. The hyperandrogenism solution. Semenya's case provokes Olympic levels of hand wringing. Androgen hormone are any natural or synthetic substance which control the development of male characters. The testosterone divide Peter Sonlesen is professior of endocrinologist at St Thomas, hospital in London. It was his research for the IOC that eventually led to development of an anti_dopping test for human growth, but he is for from impressed with its work on testosterone. “they have got it completely wrong with this idiotic rule, ”sonlesson told. This rule is unfair gone and unscientific it is clear discrimination. Small genetic difference,a gulf in performance For lot of racism, we have decided to have a class of athletes who aren't ment, Epstein explained. “But Biologicaly sex is not binary. That mens whatever line you draw between men and women it is going to be arbitary” Chand's challenge. There are two things that everybody does agree on: the women in question deserve to br treated with sensitivity and in confidence, and any constant they give to things must be informed. A 2013 repart revealed 4 female athletes from developing countries has recently come to France for hormone therapy and extensive ganitical surgery.these cases where dealed with anonymously, as far as any body knows they are still competing. According to survey. * 30% of women working in sport and 11% of men has experienced what they called “inappropriate behavior” from the opposite sex. * 71% men walking in sport said they believed there is equal and fair treatment men and women in their organization compared to 46% of women. 58% of women they felt they had to prove themselves more than men, where as 42% of men said the same. The results come after in the depth discussions with 42 Men and women and a survey of 452 men and women,carried out between September 2017 and March 2018. Those surveyed work within the sports industry at companies such as national govening bodies, sport charities, but did not athletes and volenteers or coaches. DAVID EPSTEIN in an award winning writer for the magazine Sports illustration, but he is perhaps better known as the author of ““the sports gene ”” a myth -debunking look at "nature versus nature " The book details the many physical differences between men and women, including testosterone, which when you add them all up, explain why unisex sport is a non starter for most athletic pursuits.As he explains, elite man's running times are about 11% faster than women's with even bigger difference in jumping and throwing. Thank you for reading God bless all of you.

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