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5th World Cup gold is here! The unbeatable world champions Sinković brothers just wrote another page in the history!
By winning their seventh international medal in Plovdiv, they have achieved what nobody has ever done before. They've won world cup gold medals in quadruple sculls, double sculls and now the coxless pair! It is not a common thing for rowers to switch disciplines and win world gold in all of them. The unbeatable domination makes them the true undisputed rowing champions of the world! They were ahead right from the start of the final race. At the half distance, they were ahead of the New Zealand crew for almost three seconds. At the last 500m, they had an unbeatable 3.89 seconds advantage over the Roumanian crew, who came in second. The final time was 6:14.96. Roumanian were the runner-ups with 1.94 s delay and the bronze French team was left 2.55 behind. The most interesting part of this grand story is that this is their fifth world cup gold. The current Olympic champions have at least one gold in each discipline. The decision to switch to coxless pair happened after winning the Olympic gold in double sculls in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. The Sinković brothers have won everything there was to be won in double sculls. They are also the holders of the world record in that discipline. They are the first crew to have ever rowed 6km distance under 2 minutes. After twenty-nine consecutive wins, they decided to move on to another discipline. Last year they've won the silver and now the gold in coxless pair. Astonishing. Here is the video where the new challenge was announced: Obviously, the change of discipline didn't matter much. :D Climbing on the top of the world in two separate rowing disciplines was unheard of until now. This is what Plovdiv 2018 World Cup will be most remembered by. Impressive. Congratulations guys! :)