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5 Popular Sports Nigerians Hardly Pay Attention To
Source Nigeria is a country where people love sports and can go extra mile to express their love for it. Yes! we love sports and that's the reason why Nigerians make a bulk section of the Scorum platform. Despite our love for sports there are still some sports we are hardly interested in due to some factors such as poor funding, lack of interest on the part of sports fans and some other facts Without wasting time, I bring to you 5 popular sports that Nigerian sports fans barely pay attention toBaseball Source When it comes to ball sports, baseball is that popular sport people here barely pay attention due to their personal reasons. I've lived almost three decades of my life in Nigeria and I've never seen people gather at viewing centre watching baseball unlike like football or boxing. Baseball is a sport that doesn't pull crowd here. 2. Golf Source Of course almost every sport fan here knows about great golfers like Tiger Woods, Justin rose and a few other but it doesn't change the fact that most people are barely interested in such a sport here. If you check world golf ranking you will not even see any Nigerian on the list. In fact, this is not about Nigerians alone but Africans in general. 3. Cricket Source In one of old posts I said I personally don't like Cricket and the reason is this; most people here have one or two reasons why they detest cricket and that's why you will barely see them watch it. The sad truth is that some sports are not lucrative here and cricket is one of them. If you check the Scorum platform you will observe that you hardly see Nigerians writing about cricket 4. Hockey We have hockey teams and they always represent us in both local and international tournaments. Hockey is an interesting game which I like very much but I really don't know why people don't pay attention to it like they do to football. Aside, hockey, Nigeria does not participate in ice hockey at all because snow does not fall here, so it's definitely not for us. 5. Rugby Source Rugby is a contact sport game based on running with the ball in your hand while your opponent will chase you just to prevent your from crossing their line. As ugly as it sound, I doubt if any Nigerian Sports fan can mention the name of any rugby player because it's a sport that doesn't pull crowd here I just told you the sports that don't pull crowd here I hope you enjoyed this? Thank you for reading and have a nice day 😎 Join Scorumnigeria community on Discord and Whatsapp