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scorum is presently facing the calm before the storm
Yes the calm before the the storm that what I call the current situation of scorum. Don't look down on scorum now because of its present challenges sooner that you think it'll become the next big thing so take advantage of the opportunity you have now. How to take advantage of these opportunities (1). INVESTMENT if you are an investor , invest early I mean now when the price of scorum is still low so you won't miss a golden opportunity because of fear of the unknown or lament or say had I know when the price of scorum has increased exponentially Note:most people you see today enjoying huge benefits from platforms like bitcoin, ethoreum etc were early investors. (2). CONTENT WRITING i can tell you for free if you don't have the money to invest, this is one of the best and easiest way to grow your SP on scorum so please guys if you have any good content on sports, game etc. the time to get your pen and paper is now, so that you can start enjoying the benefits early, even though I know sometimes it can be hard and painfulwhen after writing you do not get encouraging upvote. The only I have to say is be patient and consistent then you'll that the upvotes will naturally follow you can find out from those consistent writers (3)). COMMUNICATION it is a well know fact that in every community good communication is key, there always interact with your followers and also reply your comments don't just drop your post and walk away nobody likes to be taken for granted. and I'll also like to thank people like @pete,@mickey,@philemon,@tosyne2much and so because the list continues. note " i'm only using these name for reference purpose". because they understand the value of communication so far I'll say they have been doing an excellent job. (4)UPVOTING POWER yes I'll really like to take about this one in particular so many people do not know that in scorum it is a waste of resources for your upvoting power to be exactly at 100 even for 1minute, because you'll be missing out on curation reward which is also essential to the growth of your SP so guys please take note. Word of encouragement "great things never comes from comfort zone". Thank you all for your time and please remember to comment and upvote. Till I come your way again I remain my humble self irabo2