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OPPORTUNITY THE GLIM INTO THE FUTURE So many individuals never realize what the future holds until they found themselves right in the future timezone. What the future holds for some people has become a thing of dread and horror because of what lies ahead. Many opportunities lay in waste daily looking for people to tap into it. The problem solver are those who were able to maximize their sense of reasoning into detecting what the human world needs. Those who chase money and wealth, never get holds of it, but those who are dedicated in solving problems the money itself keep running to them, it is logical but true. This world is a big place where everyone can become what he or she has in mind of becoming. The place of parental guidance is lacking in most home, no wonder many study course they never wish. Every human is talented in one area or the other. Talent is what pave way into problem solving techniques. Let quickly go into a life changing discussion to help bring people into the limelight of what they are capable of doing. Few months ago there was a decision anchor by @destinysaid on africanunchained group an eyeopening lecture on how to succeed as a youth who is aspiring to achieve greatness. Below are the few tips he shared which I believe is able to change everyone's mindset towards success rather than wasting the potential in you. >In life, everyone has something to contribute. i. Research:-Hmm, this is one of the most important step to take in life. Before going into any business, investment, market. Please and please let your findings and recommendations be valid. Make sure you have about 80% assurance possibility of such a business, investment or market to yield the required return. Mark Zegabauk saw something as a youth undergraduate student. Yahoo, google and other big companies gave a good offer in buying facebook from him but he refuse. Those offer was tempting at least to a young guy he was then but he has seen far ahead about what the future holds, he is convinced that the end result is far greater than the offer. Currently he is now the third richest men on earth. This is a message to many people, never sell your vision, hold tight to it and build it up. Make research about crypto,tech,I C T etc. We are currently in the information age, gather as many information as possible. Knowledge is power. **Billionaire of today are yesterday problem solver.** ![success-quotes.jpg](https://whaleshares.io/imageupload_data/2cd4476b2db5823b9ecd87c154587d6dbad8f0bb)[image source](https://whaleshares.io/imageupload_data/2cd4476b2db5823b9ecd87c154587d6dbad8f0bb) >The millionaire of today are the crazy investors that key into problem solving model. >>The criticizers of today are the problem of tomorrow. By Me Key Note Of Success 1. Start with what you know :-Many people do say; what you know can never be more than you, but what you don't know is actually far greater than you. Because you remain ignorant about it. Not knowing about an opportunity is never an excuse, there is room for individual improvement in life. Currently the world is driving into ICT. Jobs like, web desig, graphics, online marketing, etc is an hot cake.create time to learn this things and in few months you are done. Getting to know what the world needs is an important tool and generating your passion and energy towards it is another thing. Sit meditate and find a particular thing you love doing, package it and sell it out to the world. 2. Have an eye for opportunities (like an eagle) :-Always see when opportunity is around you. Two different individual can be on a large scale of land. If you ask each of them, one may see it as a good residential place, or a good place for agriculture. But a good business man will survey the land, check the proximity to the road, demographic, the kind of people who live around there before establishing a business that suit the kind of people in that particular area. The person who invested plane saw the restrictions on human abilities toward traving by land and water, creating a flying object was a great vision and opportunity. 3. know the right place to search for it:-Never waste your energy on unfruitful business. Make sure you make findings, gather information make review and draw conclusion. Go online, read books to widen your knowledge about the business. Make friends, attend mentorship class. Invest into your future. Buy knowledge, wisdom is from above but knowledge always cost something. 4. Study and watch videos of business start up:- Thanks to the world of internet. Lots and lots of videos on YouTube by successful entrepreneurer who have succeeded. Not just about watching and observing, learn from it, make possible review and corrections. (learning how to eat the fish and leaving the bones). Create your own success story today. >Let others watch you also on their television 📺 STEPS TO TAKE ON OPPORTUNITY i. buying opportunities :-visit company's website check if there are room for investors to invest. Study and know all you need to know about them before investing. Buy shares, bonds, stock etc. ii. investing opportunities :-The world of crypto has turn the furtune of many around for good. Many people bought bitcoin when it was less than a dollar in 2009. Today they have suddenly become wealthy people overnight. Before jumping in a river, you have to consider the depth of it. Make proper information about what you are good into before joining. Never be afraid to take risk. To be continued next time.
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