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She is cooler than you ?
A lot more than me, that's for sure! Link Did you know a 65 year old Finnish lady pensioner rides a skateboard and paints graffiti? Lena Salmi is her name. She is from Helsinki and she was an ordinary lady until 60's, then she decided to get up on the skateboard for the first time. In just three years, she became a real star at home and abroad. At the same time she helped to build a skate park in Uganda. “I started riding a longboard at 57 because I was afraid to leave the bike on the street. I went to the pool on a beautiful custom bike and all the time I thought that one day they would definitely steal it. The decision came to my mind quite unexpectedly, ”said Salmi, talking about her "first steps". Lena admits that she is not looking for fame because of her passion and enjoys sincere pleasure from communicating with the younger generation, but especially with older boarders from around the world. “When you start at 61, you are not in a hurry, my age gives me certain advantages - people give me a place in skate parks. The Facebook group is also very helpful in this regard. I can ask even the most stupid questions and get answers from hundreds of people around the world.” Lena participates in various charity events. Last year, she visited Uganda, where a new skate park was built, built with money collected by members of the Helsinki skateboarders community. The skate is not the only passion. She attends classes in acrobatics, yoga and is actively “bombing” graffiti on the city walls. She inspired me to try! I am going to buy some cans of spray paint.😊

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