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10 Things in Sports I'm Thankful For this Thanksgiving
Reading a few great Scorum articles yesterday morning, I came across @battleaxe's post on being thankful for her time so far here on Scorum. For those of you who don't know, this Thursday is "Thanksgiving" in America, a holiday with a somewhat dark past, but with a bright message. During Thanksgiving, we eat food with friends and family and reflect on what we're thankful for.For Thanksgiving, I decided to share with you 10 things within the world of sports that I'm very thankful for.#10. Sports Talk Radio Working from home, I often need something for a little light entertainment that won't command my full attention. For the past decade I have listened to and enjoyed sports talk radio. Not only does it help me work while updating me on what is going on in sports, it helps put me to sleep. I listen to sports talk radio every night while getting some Zzz.I listen to local shows in the Chicago market and also to national shows like Jim Rome, the fantasy sports channel on SiriusXM, and others.#9. OffseasonsOffseasons come with hope. Fans of the worst teams in the league, which very often happen to be my favorite teams, find reasons to believe that next year will be better. From major signings to drafts, I love offseasons. In fact, when playing NCAA Football video games and Madden (NFL), I sometimes simulate the regular season just so I can manage the team in the offseason.#8. Social Media Image SourceSocial media adds a whole new layer to information, controversy, and overall access to athletes in sports. Players have an easy way to interact with fans and media, and we see this play out on a daily basis. As a sports fan, I'm very thankful for social media!#7. U.S. Sports Betting Market Headed in the Right DirectionFor those of you outside the U.S., sports betting has largely been outlawed and highly regulated here in America. After a recent Supreme Court decision in May, sports betting is now expected to become legal in the U.S. This is great news for sports fans, bettors, and the country. There are millions of people here betting already, making it legal will help raise tax revenues and give more people access to betting. And of course, I'm excited to bet here on Scorum (betscorum.com) with you all as well!#6. Local Free Sporting Events Living in a midwestern U.S. city with several schools and minor league teams, there are frequent free or inexpensive sporting events that are open to the public. These make for great experiences and give me an opportunity to take my family to a sporting event without spending hundreds of dollars on tickets and food. Sure, I'll still pony up the money to take my family to larger events in the future, but having local options for cheap or free is something I don't take for granted.We recently attended an ISU (Illinois State University) women's volleyball game with the family and paid $0. The team isn't bad either as they recently won the Missouri Valley Conference championship.Are there local sporting events in your area that you can attend for cheap or free?#5. The Rise in International Sports Coverage Television coverage here in the U.S., as it is in most places in the world, is biased towards local sports that they know viewers will be interested in. Lately, national networks have been featuring international games. From ESPN showing UEFA Nations matches to NBC showing a weekly Premier League game, I'm thankful that television coverage is expanding, allowing me to watch international sports in addition to the American sports I know and love. I can now support my West Ham United Hammers from thousands of miles away.#4. Buzzer Beaters Most of the items on the list don't happen on a court of field. Buzzer beaters, in my opinion, are the best moments in all of sports. If you're not sure about that, watch the video above. Buzzer beaters are what have made the NCAA basketball tournament the best tournament in all of sports.#3. Online Streaming of Sporting Events From wheelchair tennis to top college basketball games to NFL games, I'm able to feed my appetite for sports by streaming games. In the past week, I've watched several college basketball games, two UEFA Nations soccer matches, an NFL game, and hours of sports talk shows, all through live-streaming sports online.#2. Fantasy Sports Fantasy sports allow sports fans like you and I manage our own teams to win money. What's not to love? For over 15 years I've played fantasy sports and there is rarely a day in which I don't manage a fantasy sports team. I'm looking forward to seeing how fantasy sports here on Scorum evolve with their new platform which we will probably get a better look at come the first part of 2019.#1. A Community to Share My Love of Sports with and Get Rewarded For (Scorum)This may seem like a cheap plug, but in creating my list, there was nothing at this moment I could put above Scorum. I am a lifelong sports fan who loves writing, networking, arguing, debating, and discussing everything in the world of sports. Being active here on Scorum has deepened my interest in sports I used to only casually care about, and expand my understanding of sports I previously thought I knew everything about.Honorable Mention: YouTube, which allows me to watch highlights and historic games. I've watched every goal the West Ham United Hammers have scored in the past three years all thanks to YouTube, helping me learn about the team quickly.I'm thankful for each and every one of you who is really trying here on Scorum. Sports is a fantastic escape from the stresses of life, and being rewarded while getting consumed in the escape is a nice break from reality. Thank you! Have an amazing Thanksgiving!