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Scorum Battle Royale - First Tournament
Hey Hello! It is a pleasure to greet you and to inform you that the first testing tournament at Steem Monsters is ready, although I think I made a mistake in putting the date because it was supposed to be for the 28th, but it will be tomorrow. As I said it will be a test mode because it's my first time using the new tournament mode. Now the prizes will be 200 Scorums distributed among 8 winners and will mainly be a reward for players coming from Scorum or a welcome prize for those who are not yet part of our community. Join Here The fee is 0.10 Steem but to compensate for that fee, the game league will be novice so that the largest number of players can join and players who just have the starter pack can also! Join here!!! Another thing I failed is not to introduce Scorum and misuse the markdown in the description of the tournament, as I said will be lessons for the next time, remember that it is done as an advertisement for our platform in Steem Blockchain and if someone wants to donate any qty of Scr, I accept with open arms but with Your vote is enough, I cover the hosting fee with my Steem. From the next week there will be a competition in which I will give a starter pack so you can join my tournaments. I will try that the competition has some function in favour of the marketing of Scorum so wait for me! You will also see maybe tomorrow a post with instructions for the tournament, but I prefer that you do not upvote that post because it is for people outside of Scorum, so they know how to register and claim the prizes(and i will use it for the next tournaments too). What would help me is that someone writes a short description of what it means to be part of Scorum! Well I do not bother you more time, I hope you help me to test the first tournament and greetings! Then in this part I will add the same as in the past, I hope to read your comments and if in case you do not agree with the post you can give it a flag because you are in full right, and for now I will publish it in the other category. Because I really do not know if you also consider blockchain games E-sports, so I prefer to avoid that debate.