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8 Suggestions To Improve Scorum!
Before we go to the suggestions, I wanted to say that I love this platform, scorum was the best investment and the best community I've seen so far from the bottom of my heart, new users are always welcome with no problems at all. These are just suggestions to improve the platform and at the same time the community. A more accommodating community. I hope you enjoy and any questions or suggestions write in the comments! 1-User's Reputation First we talk about reputation. In my opinion, having a reputation in each profile was a good initiative and also to give more recognition. Users who have a very low reputation would also have less chance of a post going to the Hot Page. It was my idea to start off with 80% (0-100%) of reputation and each person decided whether to go up or down for the quality of the content that a user made. 2 - Upvote Value Now about Upvote Value. I think this would be an excellent idea to better determine the attribute that we would give to a given post. Sorry to name Steemit but in this respect they are better. I recognize that our platform is still new and that we still have much to improve but this would be another achievement and for the good of all in my opinion! 3 - Daily/Weekend Rewards Now about daily rewards or weekendly. I thought of this suggestion because I've been looking at some profiles and seen many users creating good content but no merit of recognition on the part of the community. And now it's the part where I talk about the first suggestion I made. Let's imagine that I have 100% reputation, this is just imaginary values, with 100% reputation at the end of the day would receive 1 SP based on the percentage i have. Now let's imagine that I had a reputation below 50%, in which case I would not receive my daily reward, understand? And the more SP, the more recognition the users have, and with that system, we could all be useful and we can be criticized by the community! 4 - Flagging by plagiarism only with a source where the information was taken. This is already a suggestion for everyone including scorum administrators and also for the community, but more beneficial for scorum administrators. In my opinion, we could only flag for plagiarism if we had a source from which the information was copied. This new system aims at users not to abuse flaggs. I speak of this suggestion because even yesterday we had a problem of a well-known user with a lot of SP abusing the system and punishing a user for plagiarism and without reason possible. 5 - Account suspension for repeated rule breaking and use of botsHere's a great opportunity for Scorum to improve its community and prevent users with large amounts of SP and to abuse the system using fake accounts to get more money. This rule will also help new users get more recognition because they will have more availability in the "Hot". Or instead of banning the user (in case he feel's regretful), remove a significant amount of SP or prohibit the user from posting for 2 weeks, or commenting / giving upvote for a month / 2 months. 6 - Text Edition This suggestion was copied from a friend of mine because I share the same opinion. Yes, text editing, nowadays the presentation of the text, whether it is beautiful or not, is worth a lot! We have an example below: of two texts, one without edition and one with edition, who think it is better? Obviously that is what has better visibility for human eyes. Make a tool like Word, change the text color, increase the letter and change the font style. 7 - Notifications about the latest posts from whom we are following. This is all going to be the same. More recognition from the community! For users who follow a lot of people, it is almost impossible to see all posts by users, so not to see. It does not mean that the posts are badly made with bad content or are plagiarism. They just are not visualized and at the same time, the people who post also feel unmotivated because they are not receiving the merit that they should be conceived. 8 - Online Chat at scorum.com This is already a tool that I decided to leave for last because it is what I find most irrelevant, but it is still important. Communication is what brings the community together and stronger.Communication is what unites us. We already have Telegram and some Discord channels which is great but still not enought. I was thinking of a general chat, where all people would be required to speak English, and then several chat rooms for all the existing languages. And you, what you think about this suggestions i have made? Tell me your opinion in the comments! Love you Scorum ! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you all for reading, feel free to leave suggestions by commenting and upvote if you liked! Cheers, @andre2018 .


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